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The OFFICIAL Scott Tolzien Time Traveling Delorean of TRIUMPH!

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A picture says a thousand words...very appropriate. IMHO, they hired Wallace to b/u Kap...the real battle will be between Daniels, Tolzien and McCoy. I'd say it's most likely that McCoy will win the 3rd spot w/Daniels going to PS and Tolzien getting cut.
The best performance I've seen out of T was when he was a charger playing against the 49ers. He lit us up. Since then, I haven't seen much. I wonder if he needs to be in a very specific system or a QB friendly system such as Norv's. T made the 49er look really bad.
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Seneca Wallace signing comes in wake of minor injury to Scott Tolzien, says Harbaugh

What he injure...his feelings?!
Tolzien has to go. We need athletic QBs. Colt is athletic so it's really his job to lose.
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Yup simply garbage
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If there's no real discussion on Tolzien no sense keep the thread open.
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