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you call niners first offensive play

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this...sad but true

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false start....ouch

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False Start #76.

False start equals no play. So what then is called after the false start?

gore off left tackle

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same as every year. Gore up the middle.
A.Smith Touch Down pass to Earl Thomas
Sprint Right Option
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A.Smith Touch Down pass to Earl Thomas

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I'm just messing around, but it's just funny to me predicting the first play
screen pass to gore
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pick 6 the other way

I hope you are kidding, that is a s**tty thing to start off a season.
I am, harbaugh wouldnt let alex pass
First play is a designed pass up the middle to VD. Pass protection breaks down and it ends up being a check down to Gore. Gain of 4.

book it.
Alex Smith roll right throw out of bounds.

Play action fake to Gore up the middle, Alex rolls right, VD who started on the rightside of the line as a blocker sneaks out left and Alex hits him in stride. 22 yards. First down NInersss@@@!!!
I was watching the first game from last year against Seattle on NFL Rewind. We actually started out pretty good on defense and offense in that game. Smith and the offense was pretty much on the money. We converted some good medium passes and Gore converted a 3rd and 19 from Smith. It all went downhill from the failed 4th&1 play to Norris.

If we can start the game like we did last year I would be happy. Hopefully Harbaugh can make second half adjustments unlike Sing and Co.
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Alex Smith roll right throw out of bounds.

Can't believe it took 8 pages.
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Can't believe it took 8 pages.

It didn't, look back in the thread....
Fake FB dive pitchout to Gore. Get those DE's thinking twice before crashing down or at the QB.
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