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"Steve Young never learned how to read defenses"

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thank goodness for the,

"Jim Harbaugh Center For QB's Who Can't Read Defenses Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too"

...wanna learn to do other stuff good too

Fantastic Zoolander reference.


LMFAO!!! Thank you...
That's BS. Of course Steve Young could read defenses. He is probably one of the smartest QBs to ever play the game!

Now, if you wanna talk about QBs that read defenses poorly and seems to be good USUALLY only when the play breaks down.....just think of....... ben (the rapist) rothlesberger. He gets props for making big plays when the play breaks down....but why do the plays originally called always break down? Can he not read defenses all the time and get rid of the ball to the proper receiver on time? I'm not saying he can't read defenses at all, but it seems like the Steelers big plays happen ONLY when the original play breaks down. (or on trick plays)
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Yeah there were probably plenty of guys open underneath but they couldn't have scored a touchdown. I'm sure there were also some nice running room available for Young if he so desired. Come on we need to use our heads a little bit on this one. There was only one thing that would have made that play work, and it was an absolutely perfect throw. That is why the play was so great... it was covered correctly, but Young read the only place where a touchdown was possible and made a great throw. I don't see how you can look at it any other way.

Also, it is ridiculous to say that Steve Young doesn'r read defenses better than those other guys. Half of the QB's in the Hall played in an era where the reads and defenses were much simpler. The introduction of the WCO forced a defensive evolution... This is the dumbest conversation to be having and you are taking the most ridiculous position. Certainly there are better readers of the defense then Young in the Hall, but Young was no slouch and regardless it is almost impossible to truly quantify an ability to read defenses. By any statistical or anecdotal model Steve Young dissected NFL defenses like they had never been dissected before, hence his (at the time) record QB rating, and success. I would put Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning above him in the modern Era, but I can't think of another QB who did it better during his prime years (Obviously Montana was great, but I am talking about the 90's on)

How do you explain his lack of production and stats in most playoffs?

Better competition, Pressure. He had some good games and some bad games in the playoffs. the playoffs are a different animal. I remember the year Peyton Manning won the superbowl his ppersonal performance was poor in the playoffs. Peyton Mannings QB Rating is almost identical to Youngs in the playoffs. Can Peyton read defenses? Tom Brady's Rating is almost Identical to Steve Young in the postseason. Can Brady Read defenses? Take out Montana's incredible 1989 postseason and his rating is almost identical. Montana is kind of a different animal though, and I'm not trying to make a comparison between the two. Man that 89' postseason was pretty incredible.

Is that enough proof for you? Why are you trying to defend this idiot's position?

Because I agree with it. I feel his ability to read defenses is over rated. Peyton Manning is a presnap QB. He heavily relies on his presnap decisions to where the ball will go and that's 100% on studying the opponent, memorizing their different looks and what they play postsnap out of those looks. This is where Steve Young was at.

Montana and Brady are different cats. They not only knew where they were going with the ball presnap, they will make that option more open by looking the defense off, by moving them around during the play. Montana's and Brady's ability to read defenses surpasses Manning/Young.

We all know Young can read defenses, but I also feel it is over rated. You say take out Montana's great playoff year and his rating will drop to what Young's was? Man, I wonder how far Young's rating drops if you take out 95? Probably far below than any of the 3 here.

You agree that Steve young is the worst Hall of fame QB at reading defenses?(that was his position, I believe) Did you read my earlier posts about QB systems before the west coast? Please answer, because that one point blows the whole argument up. Beyond that, your definition of reading defenses is very subjective. Reading defenses includes pre and post snap. Both are important. Again you can only go off of his statistics to see how he read defenses without ridiculously detailed film study which I am sure you have not undertaken. His stats say that he correctly read defenses at a very high level.

Your opinion about Brady and Montana might be relevant, but Peyton has always been great at looking off safeties, pump fakes, and other maneuvering. Regardless of any of that I Dare you to find Hall of fame QB's who were better at reading defenses than Young since the WCO (we won't even worry about the older QB's because the offenses were different and probably not a fair comparison). If you respond to nothing else I would like you to respond to that point. I think we will find that Young, while perhaps not on the same level as Montana or Brady, Stacks up wel with QB's like Marino, Elway, Moon, Kelly, Favre, etc. (speaking also of future HOF players in some cases)

Here is the link of current HOF'ers please tell me which QB's were definitely better at reading defenses than Young.

My point about Montana was just that his one postseason (much better ratings-wise than even Youngs 94' postseason) made a big difference. You asked me to explain why Steve's stats were lower in the playoffs and I showed you that all QB's (even those who are supposedly great at reading D) have stat drop-offs in the postseason.
Let me correct myself. I don't agree with the fact that he's the worst HOF QB at reading defenses. I'm saying his ability to read defenses is over rated. Grant Napier was saying something similar but he always makes statements to the extreme.

Yeah I figured it was that. Who over-rates his ability, and what is his rating? I've never heard of him having a rating before.
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