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49ers on sirius nfl radio...

James Harbaugh:

  • Feels that this training camp is enough to get a very good feel for rookies
  • High praise for Alex of course (Tim & Pat said that they've been big defenders of him and "your brother's QB as well")
  • Says the 2nd year of offense will not just benefit Alex but guys like Vernon, Delanie, Crabtree, Gore -- happy about that
  • Did not elaborate on what new receivers means exactly, hehe
  • Did not elaborate on Brandon Jacobs' role
Tarrell Brown/Carlos Rogers:

  • Commented that Moss has that "sneaky" speed where he can burst on an instant....and you can't compensate by playing too far off otherwise he can come back and catch a curl or out. So in a way that makes Moss more dangerous than players who might be faster but only if they sprint full speed from the get go.
  • Commented that Manningham has "late hands" and doesn't have "bright eyes" meaning the deep ball cannot be tracked by his hand placement or eyes like it can with many other receivers.....he uses his hands at the very last second which makes it harder to guard him (man, I love this in depth football knowledge!)
  • Very happy with Cox's attitude to learn and size
  • Very happy with Culliver's progress....feels he can start on other teams and appreciate his desire to want to start on this team
  • Feels that Aldon being a full time player shouldn't hurt his pass rush production because many teams will abandon run and turn 2nd down into 3rd down defense by default, and that many teams they play this year want to pass anyways
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Alex Boone

  • Doesn't feel his height (tall) is an issue for him playing guard
  • Is designated swing tackle
  • Tim/Pat commented that "the 49ers have the most advanced running game in the entire league, a full 53 yards wide" (power game, counter, trap, zone)
  • Has learned a lot from Leonard Davis, even before he joined the team
  • Gets his role in run blocking a lot better now

Hilarious comment from Pat: "With these replacement officials, just hold all the time.....they won't be able to know all the subtleties"

Alexander Smith/Joseph Staleth:

  • Staley making fun of Alex off the bat, "Alex is my little tiny friend"
  • Alex - benefit of 2nd year offense not just concepts and understanding, but reviewing plays from last season to see what you did good/bad and building on that
  • Alex impressed with Manningham's route running and Moss' ability to adjust to the ball
  • Alex says we will always try to be balanced and unpredictable, and likes the perception that the 49ers are a run only team
  • Alex mentioned that his goal on every play is to do his job....each playcall has very specific roles (implying the improvement in play design versus the Nolan/Sing era, something that Marvin alluded to)

Staley was remarkably quiet, not his Joe Show self, but Tim/Pat acknowledged that ahead of time saying they expected that from him when you stick a mike in front of him.

Tim/Pat are also very funny and have stories about all the 49er coaches and opponents they play....told Staley to tease Jarred Allen about his lousy shooting skills when he went hunting with Tim (but only after the game, haha).
Thanks for the info.
Good info there JT
Pat predicts 26 TD, 8 INT for Smith
Pat & Tim predict play action goal line pass with Jacobs is "gonna be nasty"
Originally posted by susweel:
Thanks for the info.

Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:
Good info there JT

No problem guys!
Tim & Pat really know our team like we do. They acknowledged how we were showing multi receiver sets until Morgan went down, and how we couldn't really do that late in the season.

Speaking of Morgan they said he laid out a safety and LB on separate plays in training camp.

Nice to see Josh doing well.

Yeah, Tim/Pat definitely the best talking heads I know...on national radio and better than most TV analysts. They really understand football and talk the lingo.
Pat - "49ers are going to do very well this year. They returned just about their whole team..."

"When coaches in the offseason are evaluating their plays, they know their players capabilities and don't have to wonder what they can do. Only Moss and manningham are new to that offense in the passing game"

"Defense is gonna be so fast. Oh man, I think they will be better in this regard than last year because of the knowledge of their system. Only concern really is just how good the secondary will be, and they should be fine"

"Will we see more blitzes this year? Didn't see much last year."
"Your QB is really careful with the ball which I love....sacks are better than interceptions for sure. But you can't have a 5-6 sack game, can't have it. OL protection will be key this year"
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Pat - "Harbaugh's biggest strength is knowing what his team can do. His innovation in the offense is wonderful. A lot of coaches don't know how to line up against it and respect what he can do to throw people off"
Man, these guys are incredibly tolerant of some annoying callers right now...
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