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49ers Will Ban Tailgating After Games Start

All because of a bunch of stupid animals that don't know how to behave like civilized humans.
i dont tailgate so i could care less but sucks for those who do.
that is LAME.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
that is LAME.

They should ban the Raiders!
when its a blow out like the Atl game a couple years ago, me and my buddies would head back out to the parking lot early. We would fire up the barbecue and watch the rest of the game on tv, while drinking a few beers. This really sucks. I know they've tried this before but this time it seems like they are really gonna go through with it.
What does this accomplish?
Smart. There are crazy liability issues if the Niners don't do something incredibly impactful and an incident like this happens again. Good move.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
that is LAME.
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BS ploy to make more money by forcing people inside....doesn't affect me though.
Are they really going to send those security guards in yellow jackets to roam the parking lots after the games start and tell people to put out their grills?! ...really?
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Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
BS ploy to make more money by forcing people inside....doesn't affect me though.

No. It's a "ploy" to not get their asses sued when idiot Niner fans, inevitably, get into fist fights again. The Niners have to show they did something substantial to deter the documented history of violence.
This sucks because we would hang out, BBQ, and chill until traffic died down. Then after a little over an hour, we would just drive on out with no issues.
How does it help? And how do you enforce it? Are you going to walk around to thousands of cars in every section and tell them they can't tailgate anymore? Dumb.

how about they stop cancelling everything, and hire more security with all the money they fleece from us.
Taking away battle of the bay i agree with, its just getting too out of control. But tailgating? Thats part of football, you cant take that away. If it wasn't for tailgating i wouldn't have season tickets. I like to tailgate before the game, and after the game while the traffic dies down. And sometimes during the game if its a blowout or something. This is total BS. A few raider fans act stupid and now all of the 49er faithful have to suffer.
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