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What is your favorite 9er play of ALL TIME?

Jose Cortez with the game winner

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Harry Boatswain

The next one.
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Personally, I was 8 years old when Eric Davis intercepted Troy Aikman and took it to the house on the first drive of the NFC Championship game. That is my favorite play of ALL TIME! How about you guys?


i remember that too! but since i was not only a few weeks old at the time of "the catch" my best niner memory was opening day vs the jets (unsure about the year) went into overtime, we got pinned on our own 4 and garrison hearst busted a 96 yard run, that was incredible
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Originally posted by TexasNiner:
Steve Young's run against the Vikings.

The Catch is just an iconic play, not only for the Niners, but for the NFL. One of the greatest plays of all time made even better by Vin Scully's call. Of course, "It's a madhouse at Candlestick" has a whole new meaning these days.
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