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jim harbaugh press conference?

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Reporters are not interested in the health of the team. They are interested in getting their story, and some at any cost, including sacrificing a player or two if they can get an inside edge. I find many reporters have the moral values of half of a clam and I do not like the way they are willing to hurt someone to get a story. So I like that Harbaugh does not let that issue come up in his interviews. So if they want information ask an information question. Harbaughs task is to prepare a football team, not care for the story needs of the reporters. So Harbaugh's task is to not needlessly put someone down when it is a crisis time or a learning time. So we will see if Harbaugh can find a neutral ground to care for his teams needs and for the reporters needs.

Well you seen how the media jumped his words yesterday. Him saying there's no clear cut victor at QB. Next thing you know NBC, ESPN, Yahoo, not to mention the local papers all made a story out of nothing. It's been that way since he first got here saying the best man will win. Suddenly it's big news? Especially after reading the rest of the conference call how he has said nobody's even had a chance yet after so few practices. It's rediculous...

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Where do you guys see the press conferences?

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His pressers remind of Nolans before the losses took away his bite. Same thing could happen to Harabuagh if he ends up being another Spurrier.
I will give him time.
Bill Walsh needed two full seasons to start winning.

Nolan was given 3,5 years
Singeltary allmost 2.5
Originally posted by gold49er2183:
Where do you guys see the press conferences?

Listen in on this link --->
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