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Looking for a Vintage Joe Montana Pic...

Hey guys - I have been on this board since it was created way back when, but hardly ever post - I was under Wicked Niner, until the system deleted me from the account due to inactivity - lol. Anyways = I was trying to find a Black and White Pic of a vintage Joe Montana sitting on the floor infront of his locker. I think the pick was in a book that was by the Team's contracted professional photographer - Can any one help post it if you have access to it?
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i know the pic you are talking about and its in this book. i used to own it but i have no idea where it went. the whole book had awsome pics in it...

Yep - thats the book - trying to avoid a Scavenger hunt trhough my house to find it and then scan it in
Got this book as well...........Awesome
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