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I thought it said "Kreayshawn"
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
I thought it said "Kreayshawn"

Me too!
i'd rather everyone hate on us. it's easier flying under the radar
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Can I start the official gameday thread? Please, Please? I worked really really hard on it!

It's finally here though! I personally don't know what to expect from tonight's game. Can Alex play well? How will Kaep do? Is our Oline looking good and how is our depth? Aldon Smith may finally bring pressure, not to mention a new Mlb, CB, and S. Last but not leas how extactic i am to see Harbaugh and our coaching staff on the side line. No offense, but I'm tired of looking at stop watches and suits.

It begins tonight! Finally after all this lock-out BS we can get back to watching the Red and Gold. Question is... Can we make it back to the promise land of January or are we foreverly cursed into the depths of Hell? We shall find out soon enough.
I'm excited. So excited I woke up at like 5:50 in the morning. I hope our guys play well.
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I am just praying for no injuries! I am most interested in how Coach Harbaugh manages the game. Because this is their first in the pros it will be interesting to see how they adapt. Also very interested in watching Kaep and Aldon Smith get their reps!
I just want to see Kap outplay smith
Kind of hard to do that when its pinned already.
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If VD were drafted by the Patriots, Packers, Colts, Chargers, or some team like that with a real QB, I'm thinking VD would have been a phenom from the get go, a perrenial pro-bowler and the indisputed top TE in the league in passing, blocking, speed, and the ability to create separation. Unfortunately, all of that has been hidden due to "captain checkdown". VD's put up good figures in spite of endless checkdowns to Gore, endless roll rights and throw out of bounds, and endless time spent blocking instead of running the field.

Jerry Rice wouldn't have had the same career if his QB was Alex Smith, let's be honest. He probably wouldn't even be making probowls, and certainly wouldn't be breaking any records.

I think VD could have had HOF worthy results by now (which he would have to continue for another 5 - 7 years before he could be a serious candidate), but that has been completely derailed because he has had one of the worst QBs in the league throwing to him his entire career.

I know you all want to blame it on coaching and other factors, but thruth be known, if Alex had played like a #1 from the get go, nothing else would have mattered. Everything else is a red herring and an excuse.

bash me now....
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I don't necessary think so. I don't have the stats but I remember last year the announcers were saying that the Alex/V. Davis connection was one of the TOPS in the league. Vernon was also very immature when he entered the league. Like many players he took several years to blossom and I don't think it would have mattered who his QB was. Lastly, Vernon tied an NFL record for TE TDs with who else but Alex throwing him the ball...granted for 3/4 of a season.
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I don't think so. Nolan was in the process of ruining it by keeping him primarily as a blocker. Sing got him to mature which led to an increase in production. Once the opposing defenses took the seam route away his numbers dropped some, but he still put in enough work to be recognized as one of the NFL's top TE's. Now, that's not to say the longer Smith is in there, Vernon won't begin to be affected. As of now though, Smith hasn't ruined Davis' career.
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I still think that regardless of what team Vernon played for, his attitude would have stood in his own way. That was probably the one and only thing I am grateful to Mike Singletary for, mentoring V. Davis.
VD is the best tight end in the NFL.

He has 20 TDs over the past two years and 900+ yds each year (outstanding for a TE)

Also factor how good a run blocker he is.

No TE in football is stronger. No TE is faster. No TE is better.

So uh yea career ruined
He's ruined many niner receiver careers and many coaches careers.

Also he has ruined my career as a fan.

That son of b***h has ruined more careers then the recession.
Actually, if there's one thing Alex does well, is throw that seam route pass to VD.
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