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I think the only thing predictable today was the fact that Crabtree and Smith still aren't on the same page. This has been going on for two years now and I'd sure like to know what the issue is.

As for the playcalling, I thought it was pretty good. If anything, I thought it was a bit too clever at times. I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to see the reverse put on ice for a few weeks.

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That's not fine if as an offense you can't score from the 1 on 4 straight tries then you need to look at the weak sauce O- line blocking. Harbaugh wanted to make a statement and run it in from the 1 too bad we didn't get it or the final would've have been 27- 10. They have to fix that because it's all about attitude and will down inside the 1.
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Alex missed some throws but we got a bit conservative and on that reverse we got too cute. We certainly aren't predictable... Harbaugh throws out a million different looks and when is the last time we used an eligible tackle as a WR? In the past regimes we use them as blockers only... we don't have them go out for a pass. Those are good plays and you can't fault a defensive player for leaving a tackle go plus they probably aren't even focused/aware of them being an eligible WR. Also, didn't like the goal line with all those runs. Should have boot legged, play action or did something different than running it up the middle 4? straight times. Someone mentioned how the next time we did bootleg so glad they changed it up and adjusted (that must have been the Crabtree td).
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I think we come back to full form in this game and get s**t together, with McDonald back to full health.

i could only watch the game in low volume cuz my son was sleepin. what type of injury did he get?

Yeah..I didn't know he was injured either.
His hammy

From what it appears, a tweaked/bruised hammy. -Ray walked off on his own will (gingerly); he'll still probably get an MRI though to see where it stands. -I'm hoping at least he comes back for the Giants game (we're really gonna need him).
theyre gonna be the latest team scratched off our list
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haha got to love Niner Talk

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Threads like these make me want to go postal
It's not as if Gore got stuffed on every single play behind the line. Two of those runs could've been ruled a TD, with the fourth down one being VERY questionable.
"Go Niners.... " Skin da Skins"
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Threads like these make me want to go postal

6 - 1 not pretty enough for Sus and Shaj.... ....

We didn't look sharp in the 2nd half but made a drive when it counted, The facemask penalty helped however, if he didn't grab Gore's facemeask Frank would have had a 1st down plus a little extra.

Those guys played tough D.
They weren't as sharp as before the bye...but, 5 straight wins and a 4-game lead in the NFC West is just fine, thank you. They got ripped off IMHO of a Gore TD...I saw the replay and it looked as if his elbow came down over the goal line...last time I checked, that's a TD. So, the score should've been 27-10. Anyway you slice it it's still a win when they didn't play their best...I'll take it any day.
Happy for the "W" but we'll need to get better on offense as the better teams show up.
time to panic IMO
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all I know is the Redskins put up 50 on us last time we were in Washington

52-17 and Gore got a long TD run to make it that close (I remember watching every minute of that game). Anyways, night and day difference now. No reason not to be able to win. Passing game needs to get better but I will be disappointed if we don't win. Santana Moss out, Cooley out, Hightower out, etc. Moss would have scared me by far the most since he is a good deep threat. Play our game and we are 7-1.
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