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***SF 49ERS VS. OAK RAIDERS GAMEDAY THREAD (Preseason Week 2)***

***SF 49ERS VS. OAK RAIDERS GAMEDAY THREAD (Preseason Week 2)***

Please, post all the game day happenings here. ALL reactions and observations from the game go here. However, if you have something like an end of quarter analysis thread you would like to post go ahead and make it it's own thread. Please make sure someone didn't beat you to it before you post it.

All threads that are posted out of the game day thread will be deleted and the user may be warned. In the cases where it is appropriate to merge threads (like if an injury happens and everyone reports it at the same time) we will do so.

If you want a more interactive experience please check the live chat:

INFO: When? Saturday, August 20, 2011, 5:20 pm PST 5:00 pm PST

Where? San Francisco
Post all your Pre-Game musings on this thread. All other threads re the game will be merged with this thread.

- 98
have at it...

- 98
van dyke gona get toast
Mmmm I'm gonna make toast
1st play of the game Gore 80 yard TD run
We will play better. Our first string didn't play that well last year in Indy and we all panicked. Came out and played decent in the 2nd and 3rd game. Obviously didn't mean much in the reg season but my point is...things should get better.
sorry i misspelled its, The Mark Us Van Dike
Let the booing commence.

OL and a solid plan to defeat crazy outside blitzes MUST improve....
Start Kap over Smith!
Culliver will get his first INT.
I know pre-season games don't mean anything but I really just want to beat the f**kin Raiders.
A touchdown would make my day.
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