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Peyton coming?

Lock this b***h up

Lock this b***h up
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by corona55569:
Peace out Carlos, the system made you! Go with the lambs and get your money... He made a bunch of plays, but no better than a deangelo hall type .. Carlos will return for a chance to win .. 49ers will not overpay for a 32 year old corner

Wanna see how all these bi-polar motherf**kers spin his re-signing.

I just hope Rogers good year was not a one year wonder type of thing... Rogers made some great plays although gave a up ton of yards in several games (guards the #1 receiver) ... He's getting paid 7 million a year now ????he better not turn into Ahmed plummer..
Hahaha got this from warriorsworld:

Rumor:Manning is using other teams to get a contract offer and then will sign with SF
Why hasn't he signed yet?
he's playing words with friends against Jim right now
You look like a fellow who enjoys like lock.

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lol....when there's a thread titled "Alex Smith Thread" two threads down, you know you've failed.
the only real question is, why hasn't anyone asked this before????
He's gay.
I don't know, I called earlier he didn't answer
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