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2011-2012 49ers Off Season Signings (FA's and/or Trades)

So much for the patience route being bulls**t huh? Knew our FO would fix everything up.
Can we guess MD's response?

This is even a upgrade over Baas, yes?
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Good stuff.
Originally posted by battletowin:
Originally posted by Rocinante:
Just saw that, I don't know much about him... Is it an upgrade from Baas?

huge upgrade from baas

I LOVE IT...I LOVE IT...I LOVE IT....Damn it feels good to FINALLY be a player in free agency!
... and thousands of 49er fans, back away from the ledge.
Originally posted by AmpLee:
Three year deal! But, but I thought MadDog said free agents only wanted a one year deal with this franchise.

I put too much ginger in my juice, but we signed goodwin so I ain't mad at ya
Originally posted by jrg:
Originally posted by aman49:
Where are the haters now?????


He was only a Pro Bowl backup last year. He wasn't All-Pro. Baalke and York have failed us again. 1-15 if we get some favorable calls from the refs. #suckforluck
This guy came from a VERY dynamic passing offense and completely understands chemistry. That is much needed here over the usual me big we run linemen.
Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:
Now they're really gonna be skerd!

Don't underestimate the plan.

Solid. Very solid. Still only have cautious optimism, but it's gaining momentum...
Originally posted by susweel:
I hope it leads to good wins.

lol i see what u did there...

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Braylon or Malcom puuuleez and I'll feel alright.
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I'm not trying to b***h.... the guy is 32, I would have preferred we signed Kreutz (tho it seems it was Bears or bust for him). Hopefully he's an upgrade for us
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