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Forrest Blue Passes away
One of the great Niners of the past. Another sad example of post NFL brain trauma
R.I.P. Forrest Blue
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Supposedly some people are more prone to dementia related to repeated blows to the head that others. Hopefully through testing they can determine what causes this and develop tests to let athletes that may have trouble later on retire before they do too much damage. A good example of this is Jerry Quarry a heavyweight contender from the 70's who died in the late 90's of dementia at the age of 53, his last few years he could not even dress himself. On the other hand Joe Frazier another well known heavyweight from the 70's a former champion who basically blocked punches with his face has no dementia, and still is active training fighters at the age of 67.

RIP Blue
"You're my boy, Blue!"
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RIP Forrest Blue

Damn mobile
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RIP Blue!!!
Best Center in 49er history,R.I.P. Forrest

Great player and one of the best names ever in the NFL. RIP.
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R.I.P. Forrest Blue

God be with the Family.

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