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Official: MVP Fan Choice Award!

Official: MVP Fan Choice Award!

Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Justin Smith was the best player on this team in 2010, and it wasn't close.

I was going to say Justin deserves this award the most.

Did anyone see what our defense looked like without him against San Diego? We could do NOTHING. Smith was playing with fire and looked like he was going to have a good game until he accidentally bumped the ref who threw him out.

Smith does a lot of the dirty work that helps Willis make plays. Smith made the Pro Bowl. He deserves this award.
Hard between Willis and Smith and Gore, but I picked Willis.

He has brought this team to relevance moreso than any other player.

He is the rock in which we can build around. He will be a 49er till he retires. Amazing player. HOF material and his career is still budding!
I would say between Willis, Justin Smith, Gore and Davis. Willis didn't have the best season but still put up great numbers. Gore and Davis didn't have as good of seasons as last but also put up great numbers. It would be between Willis and Smith but I would still go Willis.
About Justin Smith from
its going to be willis every year until he retires lol
This is really strictly between Smith and Willis...

I went with Smith. He's the perfect model of consistency and hard work.

I expect that a healthy Willis will absolutely thrive in a blitzing defense. Consider this, over that past couple seasons, Willis has proven to be the most efficient and effective pass rusher we have. On the rare occasions that he's sent after the QB, he usually finishes the play with a sack or a big hit on the QB.

Manusky's biggest problem with sending Willis was that [I feel] he didn't trust the other LBs (primarily Spikes) to cover the middle of the field when Willis was pass rushing. It was a high-risk call for Manusky. That's where Bowman comes in. Bowman stepped up huge in Willis' absence last season and showed that he has the speed and range to fully cover the middle of the field as an ILB. There wasn't even much of a drop-off with Bowman on the field in place of Willis. That's a remarkable feat for a young player being thrusted onto the field, coming out of the shadow of a presumably future HOFer. With Bowman and Willis on the field together, Fangio must be salivating at the thought of unleashing Willis.
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Originally posted by MadDog49er:
Justin Smith was the best player on this team in 2010, and it wasn't close.

MVP: most valuable player....frank gore 2006-present.

Willis and j. Smith are awesome and Willis is our best player next to Vernon, but without gore on this team we would have only won 2 games last year and would have been a$$ raped in our losses. Gore is not the best player on the team but is the most valuable.
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