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With the addition of Smith should the niners consider the 4-3?

I like Aldon Smith's potential to be a true sack artist, however I question his ability to transition to the 3-4 OLB position as his skills in run support and coverage are lacking. Combine this with the fact that Franklin is aging and seeking a big contract, and it seems to me the niners would be better served switching to a 4-3 and not worry about finding a new NT.
our d - coordinator is a 3-4 guy
We'd actually need something called a defensive tackle to play a 4-3. Our best one is a free agent and Soap's not that stellar in 4-3.
No.. they drafted him to be an OLB.

And we have a d-coordinator that purely runs the 3-4.

Like, really?! You don't just flip the switch. "Oh okay, today we'll start running the 4-3."
fack no
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Aldon Smith can play standing up or from a 2/3 stance. I think with his size, speed, athletic ability, and humongous wing span, he will a great 3-4 olb, ala Demarcus Ware.
LOL....everyone was looking at this guy as a 3-4 OLB.

I always manage to find some really funny $%^^ on this website.

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i never realized how funny sack artist sounded
I doubt it, but I can see us running some 4-3 at times, and Aldon would fit in at DE with say McDonald and Sopoaga and say J.Smith at DT
Smith will be moved to OLB in Fangio's D (that's one of the perks to his bull-rush physicality/elusiveness, and the big reason we drafted him).
They will have him put his hand down certainly on third down and in nickle and dime so it's not like he will be standing up all the time. People forget that a lot of NFL offenses run 3 and 4 reciever sets so he make actually make his money in his first years rushing in nickel and dime while he learns and practices to be a full time NFL OLB.
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