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49ers Wallpaper Thread

Originally posted by jrg:
hps49...first off, your wall papers are unbelievable...thank you for them! I'm currently rocking one both on my desktop and iPhone 5

Small may be something simple for there anyway you can make your mobile wallpapers suitable for a iPhone 5?

This is how my lock screen currently looks:

See how the "Forty" and "Niners" are cut off? is there anyway to squeeze those in? I'm assuming just a smaller font?


Go to settings > general > accessibility > reduce motion > on
This will prevent the wallpaper from being zoomed in.
whats up... i made those iphone 5 wallpapers exactly to the specs of the iphone 5.. so yeah, maybe on the new update you might have to do that zoom thing.
not sure if srs
Follow me on INSTAGRAM: HPS209Deisgns :)

Enjoy. Thanks.

y guys.
crabtree looks like a black willem defoe lol
hps49, those are outstanding. Thanks a million!
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
not sure if srs

Originally posted by hps49:
what's up fellas, uploaded everything to for full resolutions! follow me on instagram @hps209designs ... I will be starting a new page with everything 49ers and edits!

thanks for these!
Originally posted by NinerEmpireFaithful:

wth is this supposed to mean? he's throwing in a forrest? I dont get
Originally posted by hps49:
Follow me on INSTAGRAM: HPS209Deisgns :)

Enjoy. Thanks.

y guys.

instagram not found
^ crabs look like he's 60 yrs old lol

from /u/Kaepertortoise on reddit. I have 0 photoshop skills.