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49ers Wallpaper Thread

There are 49ers wallpapers throughout this thread but I saved most of the wallpapers here. Feel free to add any 49ers players or 49ers schedule wallpapers you find online and want to share. Also, if you want to share one you made that would be appreciated as well. If someone shares one they made and you like it be sure to thank them as these take many hours to do.
[ Edited by Gore_21 on Aug 2, 2013 at 6:34 AM ]
Might be awhile but if anyone else finds one or makes one they want to share throw it on here. Also, if anybody knows where I can get a player cut out already like Willis, Gore or VD I will throw them on. People do them for Madden but I can't seem to find a pre cut one.
[ Edited by Gore_21 on Apr 20, 2011 at 5:51 AM ]
that is preety sick man I had to put that as my background.
  • Paul
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do i replace my sin cara wallpaper with this? good looking out man thanks
  • Esco
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Nice work. Maybe I'll use it once we have a new CBA.
coo thanks man.
Nice Work
Thanks, great stuff

hope you don't mind I stole the schedule part for my own wallpaper.
Got my new wallpaper. Thanks, bro!

- 98
Originally posted by Esco:
Nice work. Maybe I'll use it once we have a new CBA.

Can I change the size? It doesn't fit
Originally posted by pelos21:
Can I change the size? It doesn't fit


set ur desktop to "Stretch" the image.
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