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Round 4, #118, the San Francisco 49ers selects Kendall Hunter (RB) Oklahoma St.

Yesssss!! I need a guy that great a short size and need gains his weight about 15 or 20 pounds make him a strong to run heavy.. Thank you for the 49ers draft to him and big steal for us!! i am happy!!
Originally posted by NinersEverywhere:

Solid indeed. Dude looks like he's 35 though lol
Originally posted by HaiGuise:
I don't like when they show the same play more than once in a video, but at a different angle. To me, that's like they didn't have enough footage to make a highlight video or something.

They do that in most of Gore's highlight videos, and he has way more than enough footage to make a highlight video. Sometimes the video creators just like those particular plays more than others for whatever reason.
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Good pick, one of top change of pace runners, and runs with attitude. Will be fun to watch him hide behind our 320 pnd lineman average and squirt out for breakaways.
I live in Big 12 country. He's a very good running back sorta like Darren Sproles. Small, elusive, but a tough runner like Gore. He's not a change of pace running back, he's a complete running back. The guy does have fumbling issues.

Some interesting tweets on this guy

From Scout Dave Razzano
49er fans rejoice!! This kendall Hunter was the most exciting runner in college football lasy year. Explosive quickness
30 Apr via web

From Espn's Colin Cowherd (who's a big CFB fan)
Kendall Hunter, despite fumble issues, WILL play in NFL. Big talent. Tough runner. Many fumbles simply on second effort. Love that pick.

Before the 3rd day of the draft, Razzano tweeted this early this morning
Kendall Hunter Okla State Dynamic changeup back. STEAL now!
I know a lot of people on this board wanted Taiwan Jones. Is Hunter a better prospect them him?
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Originally posted by jrg:

Everytime I see this video I think of Frank Gore at Miami. Ironic that Hunter will now be Gore's backup in SF.

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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:

Good receiver, capable blocker but needs some work in that area. He's ready to play from Day 1 though, so an expected instant contributor.

Finally a none project,
did we finally get our quick, change of pace, Chris Johnson-esque running back???

edit: just watched the vid. It's a no. He reminds me of a quicker frank gore.

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so what does this mean for WZ favorite Big Dixon?
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
so what does this mean for WZ favorite Big Dixon?

Dixon is mucho overrated. Most of the times he ran with the ball in the regular season, he either danced too much or got 1-2 yards. Put him at fullback.
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