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49ers Rewarded with 2 Compensatory Pick (7th Round)

"UPDATE: The 49ers were rewarded with two compensatory picks on Friday in the seventh round. It gives them 12 overall picks with four in the seventh round, and two in the sixth round (one from Seattle for Kentwan Balmer) and two in the fourth (one from a draft-day deal last year with San Diego). One of their seventh round picks was from Detroit for quarterback Shaun Hill."

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This is actually pretty cool, we're gonna use those (four) seventh round picks to draft (aka lock-down) players we're not gonna be able to sign/secure through un-drafted free agency right away (with the CBA preventing such).
Sweet now we're cooking.
YES! trade them to move up in the second!
If its free its me and I'll take three.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
YES! trade them to move up in the second!

Might as well go for the first round.
Nice, now we can add some good depth. Draft 2 or 3 QBs, at least one of them should pan out and replace our duds at QBs.
Although these picks are untradeable, I figure we will pull some kind of trade in this draft. Maybe use some combination of picks to trade up from the second or third round spot.

Lots of nice small school CB prospects with upside that should be in the 7th that we'll have a chance at, as well as DL depth and perhaps even a future kicker if we see fit.

FB and CB I think are the likely targets.
Originally posted by pelos21:
That's quite a few 6th and 7th rounders! Will Marecic be there in the 6th? That would be nice, I also wouldn't be surprised to see that Kicker from UCLA taken with one of those 4 7th round pics.
I caught this on twitter, nice!!
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