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Success of Those Under Bill Walsh Coaching Tree

Originally posted by jesserdumas2:
Like the tree, but there's a lot of asterisks that need be in place.



- 98
Here's one most people would overlook. Chris Petersen of Boise St. Chris was a Qb at San Jose st. and also a big fan, and had spent a lot of time around Bill Walsh and implemented many of his coaching techniques.
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I knew a man that knew a man that knew another man that knew a coach that had dinner one time in a restaraunt that Bill Walsh ate in once. Does that make them all part of the Bill Walsh Coaching Tree.? Since he has a coaching tree, does that make Bill Walsh a tree hugger?
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The tree is misleading. In order to count as a branch of the tree I think you have to be a coach on the same side of the ball as the coach above you. Bill Walsh was an offensive-oriented coach, thus Holmgren and Shanahan are on the tree (both being offensive-oriented coaches) but Seifert isn't. The "tree" is more about the system Walsh ran and the coaches that studied under him and ran a similar system when they were elevated to head coach. If Seifert hired Norv Turner as OC (who never studied under Walsh or a Walsh disciple and didn't run his system) Turner would not be on the Walsh tree. But Seifert hired Shanahan, who did work under Walsh and Holmgren and ran Walsh's system.

Coincidentally, in Baltimore it isn't the Billick tree - he was an offensive-oriented coach (and therefore part of the Walsh tree). It is technically the Marvin Lewis tree - he was the D-Coordinator before becoming head coach in Cincy and guys like Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio, Singletary, came up studying Lewis' system.
Correction ... Shanahan isn't on Walsh's tree. Before joining the 49ers in 1992 he worked under Dan Reeves in Denver and with the Raiders ... I don't believe he had any connection with the 49ers, or any of its coaches including Walsh, prior to 1992.
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Originally posted by pantstickle:
Someone should trim that Dennis Green branch.

Some good guys on that branch man. Better coordinators that HC's for the most part though.
Rex Ryan on the Walsh coaching tree? Ummm... I think that misses the point. The coaching tree used to be coaches that learned their kraft under Walsh or Walsh proteges. Rex Ryan may have once coached under Brian Billick, but he's not exactly an extension of Walsh.
Jim Harbaugh should be under Bill Callahan (under the Paul Hackett branch).
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