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SI's 10 worst superbowls of all time

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That pic gotta be fake. joe never jumped that high in his life

You can tell his left foot is touching the ground lol. it is totally photoshoped

This magazine is from 1990. Photoshop didn't exist, and that looks way too clean to be an edited picture from that period of time. We were winning the super bowl. lol Jesse Sapolu probably could've jumped that high on that day.

Also, Guy McIntyre is standing on his toes to reach joes high five. That would make no sense if Joe was supposedly on the ground.

but who jumps like that????

Joe's already reached the apex of his jump, when the picture was taken, he was coming back down to the ground.

That aint "JOE COOL" that dudes legs too big.

The picture is also taken from near the ground, with the upward angle making it look like he's much higher than he is.
It's only a bad game for the fans whose team is getting spanked
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