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Timemachine: Montana or Young?

Timemachine: Montana or Young?

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This should be an easy choice ~ Joe Montana
Joe delivered consistantly. It may be hard for some to remember but there plenty of playoff games where Young failed to deliver. Thats why it was such a relief for him when he finaly did, hence "the monkey off my back" line after finally winning a Super Bowl. I am not dissing Young, but he wasn't no Joe Cool.
Umm, do people forget that Montana got bounced out of the playoffs 3 years in a row 85, 85, and 87 going 0 for 3?
Steve Young is my favorite all time 49ers player but this is not even debatable. Joe all the Way. There is a reason why he's a 4 time world champ.
Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Umm, do people forget that Montana got bounced out of the playoffs 3 years in a row 85, 85, and 87 going 0 for 3?

***you counted 85 twice***

How many times did young lose to Dallas and Green Bay in the NFC CG? How many times have Brady and Manning failed to get to the show?

Sorry, I just do not believe that there will ever be another QB that will give any fan base the feeling that "we will win the game" like Joe Montana.

I love Young... one of the best Niners ever. But IMO I can comfortably say that he was a considerable downgrade from Joe.
Steve Young is my favorite player of all time. Great guy, phenomenal player. But the two aren't close. Whereas Steve Young is great, Joe Montana is hands-down the greatest QB, and likely football player, of all time. What is underrated is Joe's mobility, which would be perfect for today's NFL. He had an amazing awareness in the pocket, and was able to avoid the sack like no one else. The greatest ever would pick any of today's defenses apart just as he did in the 80's.
Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by 94Niners:
Usually this doesn't happen until after the draft...

Almost two decades of some of the best football ever played with the GOAT and two of the most complete QB's of all time. Why can't we just be thankful that we had Joe and Steve... Not to mention all of the other great players we had back then.

Interesting point though, how many current players would walk on to the SB winning teams. Willis for sure, would Gore displace Watters or Craig? Maybe Vernon Davis in for Brent Jones? Apart from that, I don't see the talent we need to take this team deep into the play-offs next year. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good and above average players, but few great players, and fewer difference makers.

This team has the talent minus the QB to get into the playoffs. To contend in the playoffs we need the QB+ a revamed secondary and improved passrush.

To say not many current 9ers could walk onto the legendary teams is few is correct. However to dismiss the current team because of that fact is wrong. Those were some of the greatest teams in NFL history with many HOF players and otherwise very good/semi-great players.

Willis and VD could def walk onto those teams and start right now. Gore could displace Watters IMO and I think Walsh would have utilized both Gore and Craig in the same backfield, didn't Craig play some FB in his career as well?

Lots of other players could find a place on the team at least as backups like Crabtree/Iupati/Franklin/J.Smith/T.Spikes/A.Lee

I wish there was a way to see what would have happened had Young started with the 9ers and Montana with the Bucs. Would Young have won all those Superbowls?

Absolutely not as far as Vernon Davis is concerned... Not right.. For the most part, Davis get's by with his natural athletic ability..

In a west coast offense that Bill Walsh ran. Brent Jones is your guy. He was able to make the tough catches as well as the easy ones. He was as sure handed as it got at the TE position. He could take a huge hit and hang on to the ball (Which Vernon has done, in his defense), but Brent was always on the same page with his QB's, he was always great at reading a defense, running great routes, adjusting his routes accordingly, coming back to the ball if his QB got in trouble, finding holes in the defense... Brent was far superior to Vernon in those areas, that are vital to the WCO.

The only avenue Vernon is superior to Jones in would be speed and blocking.. And Jones was a good enough blocker...

And Young, he had to have an incredible complete cast to win his Superbowl. Don't get me wrong I loved Steve.. But what incredible cast of offensive stars did Montana have in Super Bowl 16? Freddie Solomon? Dwight Clark? Russ Francis? Earl Cooper? Those were good players, far from great.... Hell, Roger Craig wasn't there until Super Bowl 19, and he was just a roll player then, who wound up with 3 TD's.. So essentially Montana had just an ok to good offensive staff... And won 2 Superbowls with that...
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no one can every be as calm and cool as joe montana. Young was a good quarterback. He never had the "it" factor. Montana is legendary.
David Carr
Joe Montana was the greatest quarterback to ever play the game... there isn't even a valid argument for anyone else.


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Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:
Joe Montana was the greatest quarterback to ever play the game... there isn't even a valid argument for anyone else.

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Is this seriously a question?

Love Steve, but for me it's Joe. However when we traded Joe to KC I was in agreement that Young was the better option for the future. We couldn't keep them both indefinitely and we wisely opted for the future HOF'er with more tread on the tires.
Steve all the way. Joe had more and better weapons on the field. Steve was the better QB overall. The last few seasons, he was running for his life, he just didn't have the O line Joe had. Rice and Brent Jones were getting towards the end of their Niner careers, Owens was just starting, and dropping too many passes. Roger Craig was also a better back than what Young had over the years.
With regards to the Oline, Walsh wanted faster lineman who could pull defenses, and beat them to the ball. By the time Young took over, these lineman were not fast. Also, now they were up against huge linemen ala cowboys. So now they do not have the speed, and definitely not the strength to overpower them. Put this all together, and this is why I say Young is and will always be the better QB.
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