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What do we do with lawson!

Do we keep him, most consider he has never lived up to it. Now most of us have forgotten his injury. He's recovered well, but do we consider keeping him. I think Harlson had more sacks, but his lack of speed and covarge skills aren't nearly as good as lawson. And lawson can set the edge against anyone, another reason to keep him. What's the price either way were looking to draft a OLB in the draft, do we still try and resign lawson? I want him to keep him, I expected a guy who could put up double digit sacks at olb, none of our olb's can. I expected him to reach that considering he had 6.5 the year after his injury... What do jim, trent, and Vic do inorder to create a passrush?

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We should cut him.

Let's see what Baalke or JH do with him.
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cut him
It depends on what we do in the draft. If we get lucky enough to land Miller then we can get rid of Lawson. Cuz we still have Brooks and Harylson and maybe we can bring back Laboy cheap
This last season was the final year of Manny Lawson's contract with the 49ers and he will become an unrestricted free agent as of March 4th, 2011.

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Give him the WAIVE!!!!
Lawson is one of the better OLBs in the league. Hell yes we keep him, granted his salary demands are reasonable.
if he leaves, we're going OLB with our first pick.
Obviously, we punch him in the tits.

Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
if he leaves, we're going OLB with our first pick.

If? When
we keep him and cut haralson. that guy sucks.
Originally posted by Sinsation:
we keep him and cut haralson. that guy sucks.

Now thats an idea. Lawson resigned, haralson cut, Linbacker with first round pick! Whatever we have to do to get the qb down!
let him

NOT re-sign him... draft Von Miller as his replacement.
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