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Favourite 9er Win (Non Playoffs)

One of my all-time faves was 49ers v. Broncos on MNF in 1997.

The '97 squad had all the familiar 49er offensive firepower; but what made the team truly special was the defense, #1 in all of football that year.

This was Mariucci's first year as HC. Rice shredded his knee in the opener on an illegal face mask tackle by Bucs defender Warren Sapp. Heavy favorites, the 49ers lost that game. They then went 12-1 over a 13 game span to set up a meeting with the 11-3 Denver Broncos.

Jerry Rice of course returned and starred making spectacular catches including a 14 yard touchdown. Joe Montana's jersey was retired at halftime. The defense cemented a 34-17 victory with long 2nd half TDs on a pick-six from Merton Hanks (yes he danced the funky chicken) and Kevin Greene's scoop and score fumble recovery after an Elway sack. The 49ers clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

The 49ers awoke the next day to the news that Rice was done for the season with another knee injury. Injuries would do them in as Hearst also was injured for the playoffs. The 49ers only managed 3 points on offense in a championship game loss to the Packers. But on that night, on MNF, the 49ers beat the eventual Super Bowl champs that year, and beat them soundly.

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The Ram game that John Taylor had the two slant passes for long touchdowns
was a close game anagist arch rival

there are many, but thats the first that came to mind
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Montana hail mary to Rice in Cincinnati 1987 for the Win!!!!!!

Walsh goes skipping off the field.

Wish I had a video to post of that play. Does anyone have one?
Thanks for correcting me at least I got the teams right lol.
The First win with Jim Harbaugh
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Originally posted by Sims84:
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9ers. VS jets on MNF g. Burst 99 yard run in it OT FOR THE WIN...... man those were the days......

That wasnt a Monday night game and it wasnt 99 yards either. It was OT though

Correct! It was a Sunday afternoon game in '98, first game of the season actually & it was a 96-yard run.

See guys, even back in the day our defense had trouble stopping the scrubs . Glenn Foley, 415 yards passing

Yep........sometimes as a QB you're not always given all the tools needed to succeed. If I remember correctly, we had a poor defense that year, and our oline wasnt all that hot. Young had to beat teams with his arm and legs.......

I guess some guys just have "it", while others dont [**hint**hint**]
One of mine has to be when Deion and Rison got into that fight and Deion scored and looked at the Falcons bench all the way down the sideline!!!
1987 Niners 42-0 over the Bears.

Montana went down injured in the first quarter - Young came off the bench to throw 4 TD passes.

Up until that point Young was considered a bust in the NFL.
Originally posted by fortyniner52:
One of mine has to be when Deion and Rison got into that fight and Deion scored and looked at the Falcons bench all the way down the sideline!!!

That was ghetto football. Hella funny at the time but thinking back that was not what the Niners are about. We were class all the way, but Deion did help us win a fifth so we had put up with it.

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