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Niner Scouts

Is it our scouts failing or our coaching??
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None that I have heard of. Its still pretty much the same team as McClueless had. This is why I didnt want Baalke as GM, we needed a fresh outlook on the roster.

so your saying baalke did a bad job this last year?

Not sure yet, its too early to tell.

cant s**t can the dept a few months before the draft

why not they seemed to have no problem doing the same thing to our GM last year.......

McCloughan resigned.

I thought Balke made his meteoric rise to GM from the scouting ranks. Although I agree we could do better, I'd think they're his boys so I wouldn't look for a major shakeup.
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This is a terrible post! We just had one of our best drafts in many years and got some gems in the later rounds (Dixon, Adams) and you're saying it's our scouts? I think we had some great draft picks in recent years...VD, PW, A Davis, Iupati... the problem hasn't been the draft picks! the problem has always been our terrible coaching.
This is a great post! It raises legitimate questions.

The Niners organization needed a COMPLETE overhaul in the coaching and TALENT EVALUATION areas.

Mission accomplished on the coaching side; we can all agree on that. How great this will all turn out? Yet to be determined, although it cannot help but be an improvement over the comedy routine that preceded it.

From the "player evaluation" perspective, questions certainly remain. primarily because the DNA really has not changed. Over the past six years, despite their high positions in the drafting order the Niners have NOT developed a great roster. That falls squarely on the shoulders of the FO/GM department. And, lord, have they whiffed over and over again!

GMs have to rely on their scouting departments skills at evaluating players. So is it the scouts who are deficient in their evaluations, or are the eladers just not picking the right guys. I think that so far its pretty obvious that it has been both.

Last year the Niners changed the guy who was making the final decision.

This year that guy has be given complete control over that department. I believe that last year Singletary had a BIG and undue influence in this area. I certainly hope so, because IMO all was not hunky-dory with last years draft. But IMO Baakle is a HUGH improvement over McC who was truly

That said: The jury is out BIG TIME on Baalke because he is a remanent of the failed old guard. So we will see. There has not been the complete overhaul of the FO that had been promised. This is not necessarily fatal. But more needs to change in the overall DNA of this department. Otherwise it could possibly turn out to be more of the same. Namely, the GM selecting out of the same old pool of poorly scouted players.

DNA can and should be improved with the infusion of new blood. Something that adds fresher perspective; the promise of some improvement. Which is sorely needed in this department.

Hence the OP's question.
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Every player has the potential to be good and even great. The coaching staff i think is more responsible for grooming those young players than the scouts

I would agree with this. There are some great coaches in the HOF (Walsh, Shula, Lombardi, Noll), but are there any HOF scouts?
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