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What will 49ers do to improve their secondary?

Originally posted by backontop:
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Draft Patrick Peterson FTW!

he will be off the board. Prince is the guy we want.


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Simple, draft any 2 of these guys...

Prince Amakamura
Jimmy Smith
Ras-I Dowling

Von Miller
Robert Quinn
Originally posted by Sac49er:
IMO there is not a QB in the first round worth spending our pick on. I am not sold on Prince, and Peterson will be long gone by #7. I would like to see the 49ers draft a pass rusher who will not allow the offense of the other team to have a month to throw the ball. Allow Harbaugh to draft the best QB where he sees fit from there out.

If Jed is true to his word that money is not a problem, keep Nate, but move him to safety. Do everything we possibly can to pull in Champ and Nnamdi. Since it is highly unlikely there will be a salary can after the CBA, the salary cap will no longer be a concern.

Jed has the opportunity to build a team much like his Uncle did. Spend the necessary money and bring in the best.

Prince is solid. As an OU fan I follow him closely. You're right tho...draft Von Miller and opposing o-lines will be throwing alot of "look out" blocks.
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Nmandi FTW
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