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What Game do you anticipate most in '11?

What Game do you anticipate most in '11?

first game of the year followed by the Cowboys game
Most definitely the Dallas game. The NFL would love for this rivalry renewed
49ers vs Cowboys is 2nd only to Raiders as far as rivalries go. I cant wait!!
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Right now just the opener.
Originally posted by brucesf49:

When Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll met at midfield after Stanford completed its 55-21 defenestration of USC here Saturday, their conversation was brief, pointed and seemingly unsatisfying. "What's your deal? What's your deal?" Carroll said, according to two sources near enough to hear. "What's your deal?" Harbaugh retorted, and that was that. Now there's the brevity of wit for you. It is also evidence of what will be a lingering dislike-a-thon between the two men, punctuated by Harbaugh's impish yet gratuitous two-point conversion attempt after Stanford's seventh - yes, seventh - touchdown. It looked like what it was, Harbaugh putting a knee in Carroll's exposed coaching nethers.

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To think, there were people who didn't want this man as our coach.
2 games vs. the Seahawks should be the best. Harbaugh and Carroll really hate eachother. Carroll may have the better team. At least the QB situation is pretty solid unlike ours.

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Originally posted by ZRF80:
Any old school Niner fan will pick the 49ers-Cowboys. Those two teams had some epic matchups in the 80s-90s.

The newbies will pick Seattle or Baltimore(lol)....

This. Niners-Cowboys hands down. I cannot STAND Dallas. Anyone knowing the greatness of the 49ers Cowboys rivalry has to pick this one.

1. vs. Cowboys
2. vs. Seahawks
3. vs. Ravens

That's the order for me.
Against the steelers because my gf is a steelers fan.
Ravens. May the best Harbaugh win.

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SF 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys

Even if we're both terrible, that game is always fierce.
Originally posted by Num1player16:
Did our schedule come out already/

The list of opponents has come out, but we don't know WHEN we play who. I just hope we don't have all our difficult games at the beginning of the season again. I hope the league spaces them out.

Starting 0-5 was a huge setback to our team. Of course, I'm sure if they re-ordered the schedule around, we'd have similar results... but it felt like every game after that 0-5 start felt like it was "Do-or-Die!"

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The Harbaugh Bowl will get soooo much hype. It'll be pretty damn fun to see that match-up. And also the Seattle games as well. Not just b/c of the 'whats your deal' s**t, but b/c all of a sudden, the s**tty Seacocks are gaining respect with their win today. It'll make this game even more hyped up, especially if Seattle goes deeper into the playoffs ( which I doubt will happen )
The s**thawks without question. I pray to god we get them again week one.
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Seahawks. I'd love to see them just end up boxing each other at the end hahah. The brothers one will be interesting, but in the end they're family and they'll probably give each other a friendly hug at the end...
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