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Just before HIS decision, whats YOUR prediction?!

Just before HIS decision, whats YOUR prediction?!

Thursday night, so many Tweets, media outlets rushing to get the next word. Drama. Who do you listen to? Who have you agreed with on the Zone.

And what makes sense to tell you you believe this.

I believe he signs with us, no homerism, just because I dont think he is as money hungry as may be perceived. The Sparano issue I think plays a part in his decision too, with the way they're treating him. Everyone sees this.

I called the Luck decision right on a couple days ago, that he would ultimately stay at Stanford

I think Harbaugh signs to coach us on Friday noonish, EST.
IF the numbers are correct at 8 million then its gotta be Miami.
niners. not even worried about it. it will happen.
Harbaugh will say: "I will be taking my talents to South Beach."
Miami Dolphins will be the best college team in the NFL!!!! kudos to them...
I think he will either sign with the 49ers or stay at Stanford. I don't believe he (or the wife) wants to move to Miami (i'm least hoping).
Miami... & we'll end up with someone better who has experience as a hc..imagine the concept??
I want to see 500 votes
I'm going to Disneyland!
Based on a dream I had, which I'm too superstitious at the moment to go into details about, I voted he's coming here.

Like I've been saying all along...I don't have a good feeling about this.
I still think he is comming to SAN FRAN. At the end of the day it will be up to his wife. If shes ok with moving then its Miami. But I am thinking she will want to stay put. I think the 9ers will In prove the offer to the $5-6 million dollar range and he will take it. If he leaves to miami they will have to pay him $8 million. Pay off thier current coach. Pay for the cords from stanford he brings with him. In the end they r looking at $11-12 million in just this next year to get it all done. And this when there may not b a season. I think he stays and goes to the Niners
I don't even know. I never thought this was gonna be a circus like this. Harbaugh is unpredictable. I think the niners made a fair and reasonable offer. The way I view Harbaugh right now is he is the Brett Favre of coaching. A good talent but acts like a diva. In the end I believe he stays in the Bay Area either at Stanford or with the 49ers. I just don't see how he thinks he can be successful in the AFC East with the Pats and Jets there.
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I wonder if he will announce it durring a one hour broadcast on ESPN or NFL Network witth LA Cafonia and Lombardo
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