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the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh

If the 49ers lets Jim Harbaugh go to Miami over who is the highest paid coach, they are playing with fire, if you are desperate to bring the 49ers back to the glory days, then money (as you said Jed) is no object, we do not want Hue Jackson, we do not want a cordinator from Oakland, you have to deliever Jim Harbaugh, hes in your backyard for crying out load, absolutely no excused Jed, you get this deal done and you get it done now, the dolphins had less fans than the niners by a wide margin, you have no excuse to let Harbaugh slip through your hands, Livid is what i will be

No need to make another thread for this.
Whatever, just bring in an offensive guy that knows his x's and o's... Harbaugh can lick my hairy sweaty sack!
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No need to make another thread for this.
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It's not like there is another thread on this topic with over 500 pages or anything...
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