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Jed York, and his habit of putting his foot in his mouth

Originally posted by ninertico:
It's amazing what you will find when you use the frickin' search.

This is a bold move, and one an organization doesn't make without leadership at the ownership level. York presumably saw this as a rare opportunity to seize upon a championship window. Sticking with Smith would have been more comfortable. The 49ers might wind up going that route, anyway. They could have some damage control to do if that is the case. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Randy Moss' addition was another move with the short term in mind. --Mike Sando.

The boy through his childhood breathed 49er ball. The proof is coming out. This has been the best 14 months of Niner ball in quite some time and he's responsible as much as anyone for it:
Hire Baalke
Who hires Harbaugh
Be the forefront for new Stadium
Baalke waits on 2011 FA
Brings in "key" pieces to team and org
Baalke drafts 2012 well
Harbaugh wins Division
Harbaugh takes team o NFC Champ
Stadium on task for 2014

And now, the chase for a Ninja! Harbaugh and Roman works out Manning BEFORE everyone else. Then, send team Dr.s for physical.

The choices Jed York has made as CEO transformed this franchise back to the respect it deserves.

The boy...excuse me, young man has some serious skills.

Put that in your pipe n smoke it! It's the best day of the year to go Green!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Jed York in just 3-4 years time has completely changed the look of the franchise. This kid is going to be a good owner for a long time. You don't hear "the Yorks are cheap" anymore, and it's because of Jed. Much respect for this guy.
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
"Niners will win the division and make the playoffs"

Niners were 3rd in NFC West. No playoffs.

"We will get an experienced GM".


"Money is no object."


I'm getting tired of these lies!!! ( )

Feel free to add...

This lol
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stop bumping this s**t
No suprise, it's not a long distance from his foot to his mouth. lol
Originally posted by ImaMod:
stop bumping this s**t

Funny how things can change............
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Funny how things can change............
Originally posted by ImaMod:
stop bumping this s**t

I enjoy going back and reading older posts from people who are completely wrong and overreact.

Keep bumping this s**t
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This one needs to go in the Webzone Hall of Shame threads.
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I'm guessing that Jed read this thread a year ago and decided to get his s**t together.

LOL!!! I remember back in 07....LOTS OF FOOLS!!! were acting like they where draft know it all's.A bunch of fools were saying we NEED to draft Adam Carriker instead of Willis."We need to draft Carriker.Willis is a 4-3 LB and to small." and so on and so on.LOOK!!! Bottom line!!....STFU cause know one on a stupid fan message board,knows more about team needs and so on!! God,i LMFAO at fans like that.I for one trust the F.O. to always draft and sign who is best for our team.
Lock This b***h up ..
Originally posted by ImaMod:
stop bumping this s**t

I usually agree with you in A's talk, but I disagree with this. As much crap he took from fans, he DESERVES RESPECT AND CREDIT. Bump for all eternity as far as I am concerned.

Originally posted by ziggy_gonna_rock:
Lock This b***h up ..

Go away!
This post is SOooooo 2 years ago.
Originally posted by English:
Odd way to do it. I lost mine by having sex.

with alex smith
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