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Gore Selfish?

Tolbert on KNBR brought up a story about Frank Gore being a selfish player.

He was reading a teammates comments regarding what Frank would say in the locker room right after a game. "How many yards did I get today?" in a selfish manner. Also a reason why Westbrook didn't see the field.

Does anyone know about this story? I have been trying to find links but no luck. I still doubt Frank would be about getting his before the team.

btw. i love Frank but i want more info.

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I hate Shellfish

Unless its lobster
Supposedly he wanted every single carry and pass of every game.

Oh wait, I think that was Singletary just being a f**king idiot.
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I hate Shellfish

Unless its lobster

haha...damn those vets
meh. A lot of great players are selfish. jerry wanted every pass thrown his way and could throw a tantrum if he felt like he wasn't getting the ball enough. but no one notices selfish tendencies in players when they're great and when the team is winning. Anyway, its up to the coaches to rise above the influence of the player and make decisions that are good for the whole team.
Most great RBs want the ball. The smart ones know how to keep their mouths shut at tense times. After the game...who cares.
That sounds blown out of proportion. What RB wouldn't want to know his stats after the game. I think it's obvious Frank wants to win. He used to cry during his rookie year after losses when Lloyd and other guys were happy and dancing around. He doesn't want to come off the field because he is a competitor.

Every QB, WR and RB have to worry about their numbers and want to know what they are after the game. No big deal.
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Originally posted by wysiwyg:
I hate Shellfish

Unless its lobster

haha...damn those vets

No worries, I think Gore wanted ever snap

Westbrook got so few touches under Raye and later Johnson because Frank was the "bell cow"

And Frank did not want to come out
I heard on the radio that 2+2= 4! What's everyone thoughts on this..

Sorry just having a little fun. lol

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Just for that let's trade him!

I agree that all the great one's are usually pretty greedy about getting the ball, but I like that.

I did notice Frank on the sideline all by himself with a big moose on the night he got hurt, but I'd be pissy too if my season just ended in the middle of a playoff race. I think Frank's a good teammate, but what do I know
6-10= he's selfish
10-6=he's a workhorse
idk but he was liteweight wack this year ... his gassers are only an 87 ... dixon run way harder but gore is still better cuz he got blitz pickup on lock ... maybe he was playin that way cuz singletary is b***hmade
If a player doesn't want the ball, he shouldn't be on the team.
Gore, Crabtree, Clements, these guys will be on the hot seat if a guy like Jim Harbaugh comes here as HC.
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