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Do you want Baalke as the next GM

Do you want Baalke as the next GM

No and that moron Jed should not be interviewing anybody. He is not qualified!
The maybe in the poll should not come with Harbaugh attached.

Fact is we have to get some external people in - but as I've said elsewhere we CAN NOT go with everyone being from outside.

The Falcons and others prove experience is not the be all and end all.

I'm not saying Baalke should be the GM - but it makes more sense than using any of the coaching staff as HC.

The only definitive answer will come after the fact - do we go on to establish a team that improves and moves forward. If so the appointment is right.

None of us on here know whether Baalke, or any other candidate will be successful, and many people on here seem to know less than nothing - where do people come up with nonsense like he's a Yes man.

He was dumped in an awkward position in last year's draft by no fault of his own - and he was not solely responsible for the choices. But draft picks have to be a collective decision - with consideration to what a HC needs for his roster, balanced against a long term view for the roster.

The GM and HC have to be on the same wavelength - and if Baalke is GM, and ends up with someone apart from Harbaugh as HC let's just hope they are a good fit.

The off season is a great time for fans to complain, give opinions as if they're facts, exaggerate positives and negatives, and change their mind more than the weather - lets not jump to conclusions regardless of who our GM and HC turn out to be.
Totally not sold on Baalke.
Originally posted by mandy49er:
I don't give a s**t! I just want to get back to winning 10 to 12 games a year, taking the division w/ a bye and possibly homefield, and making it back to superbowls!

Call me crazy but even if it took bringing Singletary back just to win 10-12 games, I'd do it.

I don't care who the head honcho is, as long as he/she/it produces wins I'll gladly board the ship.
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