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Do you want Baalke as the next GM

Do you want Baalke as the next GM

Originally posted by OX49er253:
Originally posted by Kauaiguy:
The thing that keeps coming back at me is the statement "Money is NO object"!

Obviously Baalke is NOT going to demand the kind of money that a Mike Holmgren or any other experienced GM would require.

Same goes for the coach who has had success in the NFL versus someone out of the college ranks.

So it seems to me that even tho Jed York has been given control of the team, John York still controls the money aspect of it and there's a certain budget limitation that Jed has to work with.

I must admit the he's quickly learning the PR end of it although most of what he's doing is starting to become obvious.

"Tell the people WHAT they want to hear" ... !

Just for the record. I have nothing against Baalke, but it would have been nice if they are able to interview ALL possible candidates. But think about it, how many legitimate successful candidate would interview now, now that Baalke seems to be a lock.

You know who also was an unknown GM who hired an unknown coach neither of which had previous GM or coaching experience?

Dimitrov and Mike Smith in Atlanta.

You know who spends money like its no object? Daniel Snyder, he also hired an experienced GM in Bruce Allen and a proven winner in Shanihan. Hell they also went out and bought a proven winner and even potential hall of famer at QB in McNabb.

My point is just because we had a bad year doesn't mean that cleaning house hiring "proven winners" and over paying for name value is going to change things. And hiring unknowns with talent but no name value isn't necessarily a bad thing either. I'm not saying we go that route. My point is we need to get the right guys, and we shouldn't base the process soley on names. We shouldn't be upset if the pick isnt necessarily a big splash. We just want the right people.

I NEVER said I was against any of these. In fact guess where Bill Walsh came from? What I'm against is the charade that's being put on us. Why don't they just come up front with it?


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Have to admit it took stones to do what i had petitioned for...take two #1 OLs. No question that was a hard call, but it was the right one. Now, unfortunately we don't seem to have the right guys coaching the OL, which is hard for me to believe, adn i wonder if bigmike(BM) might not have had a hand in keeping those two guys, solari and bigRay, from doing what they needed to do. It would be nice to see how our OL young guys play when coached by an OL that doesn't have to take orders from a HC who knew NOTHING about coaching OL, RBs, TEs, QBs, WRs, ...maybe without the horrid influence of BM , solari and big ray would have done a much better job. No way of knowing. LIke the saying goes, it takes only 1 bad apple to ruin the barrel, particularly if he is as poorly prepared a HC as BM.

Baalke's draft looked pretty dang good from where i sat, and i will have to say, i had no beef with any of it...rare for me. But is he a good GM, will he pick a great HC? I got no idea, but i do like what baalke has done to date. With BM gone, we may see an entirely different squad out there. I hope so , anyway. I think a lot of folks didn't realize just how far reaching the woeful BMs influence was. Remember he set game plans , he set O plans (we're gonna run it down their throats.)..except for having no RB who can run thru an 8 man box, which when BM bragged about running ball down throats, often times became an eleven man box. BM also called the D for the game...or he set his priorities.

There is just no way anyone can really get a hold on how badly BM negatively affected this team, and that includes our "acting GM", also. That is precisely why it would have been a great move to schidt can BM at 0-5 or 1-6, early on, so we could see what other coaches on the squad were capable of. Instead we got a steady diet of the BM...bowel movement mike...and frankly guys, that failure to fire him, early on, when he proved to be so incredibly incompetent, really hurt this team.
Trent Baalke wouldn't be my first choice, (that would be former Titans' GM Floyd Reese) but I think we could do much worse.
If we get Harbaugh, I'm fine with Baalke. If we don't, then I'm upset that we weren't more open to brining in a GM from the outside.
Originally posted by WWFGD:
I think Baalke will do a good job...but seriously, its all about the coach. You think anyone would be freaking out about Baalke if we had a coach like Andy Reid, Sean Peyton, or Belichik? I will be patient and make my judgments after a coach is hired.

agree with this, a great coach can hide gm inexperience
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I wont answer the poll and skew the numbers when I'm 50/50 on Baalke. To be fair both of his previous 2 teams drafts were great when he finally reached a position of influence on the draft. During this process I learned that the Jets and Redskins really sucked drafting back then.
**Disclaimer I am fully aware the draft is a crap shoot and with every good pick there is a bad one to go with it. But these are notable players who were good enough to at minimum secure a second contract in the NFL or are still notable players today. I left out several players who bounced around with multiple 1 year deals as well.
Again with the jets he was just a regular scout but from 98 a draft with a 11 picks they pretty much missed on 8/9 of them. only 2 of the really last past that aveage career length of 4 years to drafting Shaun Ellis, John Abraham, Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles.
With the redskins he helped put together the 01 class which although busts might be used to describe Rod Gardener and Sage Rosenfels.
the 02 class had Patrick Ramsey, Ladell Betts, and a 7th round gem in Rock Cartwright.
03 class had Derrick Dockey an 8 year OL.
04 class when he was the College Scouting Coordinator he helped draft Sean Taylor, Chris Cooley and an OT Mark Wilson who is also still in the league.

Now I unaware of Baalkes exact hire date but just to throw it out there. I am a fully for the idea of bringing in a new set of eyes to evaluate our roster so to this I say if he was here pre draft '05 I wonder how much of a part Baalke had in evaluating Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith. I hate the comparisons because of the luxuries Rodgers had; backing up Farve for 2 years and going into a loaded team that could handle a rookie QB compared to Alex's situation here with a busted OL and no receivers and a bad defense.
But Baalke the Western Region Scout and CAL and Utah are "Western Region" schools if you will.
9ers picks(omissions are names i dont know and didn't last in the NFL)
05 class produced
Alex Smith, David Baas, Frank Gore, Adam Synder, Ronald Fields, Billy Bajema
06 class
Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson, Michael Robinson, Parys Haralson, Delanie Walker
07 class
Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Jason Hill, Ray MacDonald, Dashon Goldson, Tarell Brown, Thomas Clayton
08 class
Kentwan Balmer, Chilo Rachal, Reggie Smith, Cody Wallace(Does anyone know why he isn't on the team anymore? Cut, injured or traded?), Josh Morgan
Crabtree, Nate Davis, Scott Mckillop, Bear Pascoe, Curtis Taylor, RJF
They all made the team o:

This might be an over examination, maybe even selective but the facts AND coincidences are that early on in his career the jets drafted improved by his 3rd year there obviously for reasons other then him but you have to wonder how he contributed to them, with Washington he got 3/4 of right when he had major influence on the draft in '04. With the 9ers a team no direction or continuity he has done pretty well.
I wish York would hire a President and promote Baalke if anything. He is only 29 and that great article quoting Ira Miller really puts it into perspective that Jed is simply too young and inexperienced to run a team.
Baalke is a possibly a great move but the whole smoke screen "far and wide" search when he has really leaned on Baalke just begs the hell out of me. In my opinion the best thing York could do with this situation is: hire a team president to take over York's duties, promote Baalke or hire someone like Sundquist or Donahoe, even just bring one them in as in as a consultant for Baalke.
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Not if he wants John Fox as our new HC.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Not if he wants John Fox as our new HC.

Same. I'd rather have freaking Moron-weg instead of Fox.
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Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Not if he wants John Fox as our new HC.

Same. I'd rather have freaking Moron-weg instead of Fox.

I agree, and this is getting ugly. All kinds of speculation is being thrown out there, I can't till the seasons over.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Not if he wants John Fox as our new HC.

Wait, the jackass wants John Fox as our new HC? Someone please kick Jed York in the teeth. What a horrible owner.

Harbough and Luck
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Not if he wants John Fox as our new HC.

Wait, the jackass wants John Fox as our new HC? Someone please kick Jed York in the teeth. What a horrible owner.

THe Fox thing was a lie. Some poster thought it'd be fun to post it in some thread and say it came from Matt Maiocco...
Hail no! Clean the whole house.
Lol you guys will believe anything. Why can't people just wait how it plays out instead of trying to analyze every single detail of it?
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
Lol you guys will believe anything. Why can't people just wait how it plays out instead of trying to analyze every single detail of it?

Lol, I know. It seems to me that the Baalke thing picked up after Dilfer said he'd get hired. Once that happened, every other news source started saying the same s**t. I doubt they had any 'inside scoop' or real news. They all just wrote the same BS that Dilfer said and put it off as 'insider news'.
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