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Do you want Baalke as the next GM

Do you want Baalke as the next GM

Originally posted by susweel:
f**k NO

2nd that ! we been so bad for soo long 8 years that we need to change everything about the 49ers , the System and everything !

untill Jed Dork understand that he and Prraga or s**t like that can't run a franchise and we need whole sale changes in the front office , we are f**ked !
You know the more I think about this situation with Baalke.

I ask a question: Can the York's really afford to hire Baalke ?????

Not from a money stand point because we all know he would be cheap and thats one of his qualifications but more from a PR standpoint. Just imagine the s**t storm of bad media they are getting from all the writers and fans. They would also piss off people around the league by conducting these phony interviews and wasting peoples time.

Im starting to think that they cant afford this kind of negative perception at a time when selling season tickets next year is gonna be difficult unless of course they land a big name a coach.
No. You don't promote from within when you haven't made the playoffs in 8 yrs.
Absolutely not. Hiring of Baalke will mean the front office will remain exactly the same and that will mean disaster again. It will just show the Yorks are absolutely out of touch with reality and what the fan base wants. Biggest weakness in the franchise is the lack of imagination and vision in the front office. Making Baalke the GM will mean not a damn thing has changed.
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Originally posted by danimal:
nope. He is part of the problem. We need a complete rebuild. Everybody needs to be replaced by somebody from the outside

This. Why would you promote from within someone who has been on board for most of the last 8 years, unless you are cheap, and value, not winning is the #1 priority.
Hard to say since there really isn't much to go by. I mean there was last April's draft but I find it hard to completely pass judgement on him considering he was brought to be in charge of it at the last second so who knows what he might've done with the draft if he was in charge of it from the on set.

I think we would all love a brilliant established football guy but those guys are usually employed and well compensated for their work. It's not like we can pick up the phone and have one overnight.

So pretty much anyone we bring in is going to be an unknown and unproven so not sure why Baalke would be any different.
Look at the Falcons, and Tampa Bay. Both the GM/Coaches are new when they took over, not a big name at all. Now look what they have done. It's the hunger that what you want in the front office to the players.
Originally posted by GoldRushGirl:
Look at the Falcons, and Tampa Bay. Both the GM/Coaches are new when they took over, not a big name at all. Now look what they have done. It's the hunger that what you want in the front office to the players.

"On KNBR this week, York has already tried to prepare the ground for planting Baalke and whomever they hire as their head coach by comparing Baalke to Atlanta's general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Mike Smith, two unknowns before they revived a franchise in turmoil after coach Bobby Petrino's controversial departure.

However, Dimitroff came from outside the Falcons organization, and a successful one at that. He served as the Patriots director of college scouting from 2003-2007 before his hiring in Atlanta. When he was hired by the Falcons, he had over 18 years of experience with several different teams and three leagues. By comparison, Baalke has 13 years of experience, the last five with the 49ers. Unfortunately, Baalke can't bring in a fresh set of eyes to look over the team's roster, and since he has been with the team, he carries the stain of its failures."

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Originally posted by WWFGD:
I think Baalke will do a good job...but seriously, its all about the coach. You think anyone would be freaking out about Baalke if we had a coach like Andy Reid, Sean Peyton, or Belichik? I will be patient and make my judgments after a coach is hired.

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Originally posted by GoldRushGirl:
How could I really say no to him. None of us know what kind of job he can do, anyone can speculate negatively about him only time will tell.

One bright spot about getting him is that he is going to be hungry to make his name for himself. Unlike guys who have names already they could just hide behind their past and just get paid. I rather go with the guy that is hungry.

Well said.

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but like one guy said, if you bring in a good coach then everyone will forget about Baalke.

I'm just gonna wait it out until we get a new coach. As for Baalke, the guy has brought in some good talent through the draft and Free agency. if he continues to find good players, we'll just need a coach to put it all together and make it work.

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Originally posted by Hopper:
No. You don't promote from within when you haven't made the playoffs in 8 yrs.
He's the same diseased, flawed insider the Yorks have been hiring for years. The names change but it's pretty much the same thing.
No. Baalke wasn't the main guy making all of the moves.

Tom Gamble Director, Pro Personnel
Trent Baalke Vice President of Player Personnel

I think it was a tag-team between the two. Our goal is to minimize the head in the front office. Making Baalke GM would mean he would still heavily rely on Gamble.

We don't even know if Jed's goal is to replace both of these with one guy. If Baalke can do the job well, then Gamble needs to go. We don't need two heads.

I wonder if Gamble was the one who brought Ginn Jr. and other Pro players here.
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The amount of people who voted for option #3 worries me greatly. You do not promote a noob to an NFL GM position in order to land a noob as an NFL HC.
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