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Clearly you all want Alex gone but who is next...

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.I am a big fan of #52, but if we brought in a Parcels, or Pioli and they felt a trade would improve this be it!


Nah, just kidding I happen to agree. If trading P. Willis, Gore, or V. Davis would ultimately be the best long term option for this team then so be it.

Hey, I'm a fan, not a professional general manager.

I got to believe that if we want a top tier guy we have got to be ready to give the next GM complete roster control, any GM who excepts less is not the guy I want.
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Other then Willis and Vd they can all f off.

You would dump a healthy Gore?

i would, trade bait

Gore and our #1 for Carolina's #1.

Carolina has three good RB's. Why would they trade for another one?
I would trade any one to help this team, anyone.

Trade any current players for picks, trade our picks to move down, take the best available Qb, then.... trade all the rest of our picks for savvy Veteran role players.
cut clements

don't sign goldson, franklin,or westbrook

switch to 4-3
Goldson-does not even make plays
Haralson- cannot make any open field tackles
Norris- He s just not good enough
Carr- waste of a roster spot
T.Smith- Thanks for the three wins, but we dont need your services
Rachal- he s not physical with an F on that line

TOP 6 right here
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I am curious how Nate would do as a safety. If they keep him at CB, he can go. He makes too many costly mistakes...

Next would be Rachal, Carr, Goldson, Haralson, and probably a few more...

the collective zone thought it would be a good idea for nate to move to FS befor the season even began. no22 says hes a corner so unless something has changed.....
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Originally posted by susweel:
Other then Willis and Vd they can all f off.

Honestly, this post is about as insightful as many of your other post.

That being said, there is a lot of talent on this team and a lot of guys I am happy to keep with just a handful that should go.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Other then Willis and Vd they can all f off.

You would dump a healthy Gore?

Yah why not, its time for some new play makers. The bell cow has been maxed out.

I bet you will be eating crow next season

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Originally posted by susweel:
Other then Willis and Vd they can all f off.
Trade Gore? Trade Willis?

WTF is wrong with NT? Trade away the best MLB in the league, yup that's what we should do. Trade Gore? who will we have next season? Dixon? haha he is not close to starter material. Any pro ready RB's in the draft? nope.

We have a lot of things to fix but trading away our talented players will only leave us with more problems next year.

Are we assuming that the whole coaching staff gets shtcanned at the end of the season?

Don't know about the rest of you but I'll be fairly pissed if that overrated Sullivan is coaching our WR's next year. Rathman can stay but the rest of the alleged coaches can go.

I think we don't need to make any major changes except getting rid of the following players; Chilo, Spencer, Clements, Goldson, and Reggie. I know alot of guys might disagree but I think Alex Smith would be a good back up and he probley was always best fit as a back up. Outside of that the offense is straight just need a new lineman or two. New quaterback, another hb, and a wideout or two.


This is up in the air, because I think with the right defensive schemes and more quality players added to the secondary you can still get a vast improvement. I would still add in 3-4 new pass rushers from the draft/free agency just to see if we can upgrade from what we currently have.
I like the idea of Clements at SS...he's a terrific tackler and wouldn't be nearly the liability in coverage as he is at CB. Pretty much agree with these guys hitting the road:

Goldson (overrated, not the playmaking FS we need)
Franklin (ditto...not the dominating NT needed to make the 3-4 work well)
Haralson (disappointing player...seems to have more talent than he's shown)
Carr (he's not the b/u we need...Orton would be a much better option)
Alex (he'll be better off on another team)
Troy (too erratic...)
Norris (need more from the FB than just a part-time bulldozer)
Rachal (could be he just needs a different OL coach, but RG's much better w/Snyder)

I'd keep Brown...he has value as nickel/dime CB, plus very good on ST's. Haven't seen enough of James to really evaluate.
1)I would dump Carr and Alex, but keep Troy for a backup... He has the tools to develop one day into something. The search has to begin for a starter, I would be looking at Kolb, Orton, McNabb and Palmer to see who we can get for the cheapest. The only one I would spend top money/ picks on is Kolb, because we will need to draft a guy to bring along slow if we end up with one of the remaining three. I really like the idea of McNabb with Troy and Nate as understudies...they all have similar physical tools Donovan could really do some amazing things for those guys.

2) I would let Franklin walk and see what we can do with RJF + late draft pick. Franklin is better than we give him credit for, but not as good as the money he wants.

3) I like many would push Nate to safety where he actually would have above average cover skills and his tackling prowes would be even more useful. I would also push Mays to become a starter as these two would be scary to go over the middle against...Let Goldson and his retarded contract demands walk.

4) Draft 2 fast corners early, one has to be a starter by season opener.

5) look for a value pick in mid rounds at RB we can get by one more year if Gore comes back healthy and we actually use Westbrook through the season...but some depth here is a very good idea.

6)If a quality OLB is there in free agency, I show Harralson the door...but not if we cant find something better.

8) Rachal goes to the bench for a cheap Free agent, or some combination of Snyder, Baas, Wragge etc... He isnt devolping fast enough at the moment and I think some time on the pine until he shows a little maturity is in order.

We cant dump everyone we dont like in one year, so we have to do some triage here....clearly we need a qb and secondary help by far the most and after that we will just need to see what comes to us at a fair price.
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Parys and Manny Lawson!!!!!

You're an idiot. Manny is one of our better players on defense.

What ever!!!! Both Brooks and LaBoy are better then him. PLUS he want to get $$$ more then he is worth. Sorry Manny!!!! See you next year when the Seahawks sign you.

what are you smoking? Manny Lawson is one of the best OLB in the league. There are not many LB that can set the edge and cover a TE like he can.

The dude has underachieved since he has been drafted. YES he is above average in his coverage skills, but only average in the rest of his game. He wants to get paid more then Calvin Pace. I am sorry but I don't want to pay a OLB in a 34 D that can't get to the QB consistently, that kind of money. IF he drops his price thats a different story. But typically OLB in a 34 both need to apply pressure on the QB!!! That is one of Manny's short comings. I think off the top of my head he had 6 sack all of last year. Not worth the $$$$!!!

Manny Lawson was never a passrusher. So expecting him to magically turn into this passrushing monster is ridiculous. Also Manny Lawson isn't that bad of a passrusher. He is just like the rest of the players on defense. They can get to the QB but just can't bring him down when they get there.

I think Manny would flourish as one of the best OLB in the league in a 4-3 D. Hopefully we switch from 3-4 to 4-3 this offseason
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