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We have a 28% chance of winning the division

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Originally posted by NatralBrnThrila:
Wow! Real shocking figure they throw out there. We're one game behind in a 3 horse f**king race, so they give us a little worse than 3/1 lol! Brilliant...

Johnson: "Hey boss, wtf is going on in the NFC West?"

Boss: "I dunno, they all blow. How many teams are still in it?"

Johnson: "3, but Frisco's a game back"

Boss: "I dunno...f**k it, give em a little worse than 3/1 I guess. Who cares?"

Johnson: "that's why you get paid the big bucks boss"

lol, I was thinking the same thing. Nothing against the OP, but I was like "no s**t" as I was reading it.
With Singletary, I can easily see us lose the next two games, and he will be claiming that we are going to the Super Bowl next year because no one is as fysical as the 49ers.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
With Singletary as our head coach, I can easily see us losing the next two games. He will claim that we are going to the Super Bowl next year because no one is as physical as the 49ers.

Originally posted by gravelburn:
Honestly, I think this statistical approach is is not a reflection of reality. We should beat the Cards in week 17, and the Seahawks will not beat both the Bucs AND the Rams in games both teams will be desparate to win. So the only real question is whether we beat the Rams this week. I'd say the odds of that are a lot closer to 50%.

In that case why not lay some money on it:

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St Louis Rams 5/4
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Seattle Seahawks 7/4
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