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Who will Singletary announce as the starting QB for the showdown at St. Louis?

Who will Singletary announce as the starting QB for the showdown at St. Louis?

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The King has return!
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Okay guys,

I can't wait for Singletary to be fired this off season. I'm in no way a Singletary supporter, but what he's doing now, I would do the same exact thing.

Some of you guys hate him so much, that you criticize every single thing he does or say. For the most part, he says absolutely abusrd things and makes the dumbest decisions. But when you have a chance to confuse your upcoming opponet, even if its just a little, then why not do it?

I'm just saying, I'd do the same thing too

What a joke, if this is the best they can do at strategy. Sing probably thinks other professional football teams can't plan for both QBs if they don't know who is starting, which is not going to be the case. Other teams know what the 49ers are going to do, regardless who is starting.
Honestly, I don't think it really matters...the Rams will feature Stephen an effort to keep the ball and put points on the board. Bradford has struggled the past month or so...but he's a smart and very talented kid. I'm sure we can count on Spagnuolo to devise a good game plan, much like the Jets' Schottenheimer did for Sanchez. Anyone expecting Troy Smith to go bombs away better think again...the Rams will adjust to that. Their head coach can actually make adjustments, something totally lost on Singletary. So, we already have two things against us...Singletary will get out-coached and the Rams are playing on their turf. This is their last stand...lose Sunday and they're pretty much hosed, as SF is very likely to beat 'Zona at the 'Stick.
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