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Phrases I dont want to hear anymore..Singletaryisms

Originally posted by dj43:
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
"There is a rat in the house"

"There is an elephant in the room."

What is this? Noah's ark?


Crazy talk!

"Mike Singletary to remain for the 2011 season..."

Even MORE crazy talk!

"Alex Smith re-signs..."

Enough said.

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"Our secondary is a work in progress..." What?! In Week 16?! Maybe in Week 16 of the offseason...
"Thank you for the check, Mr. York."
It's not a Sigletaryism, it's a quote, a philosophy that I want to send to the trash can of history:

“I’m in the mode of more of a traditional style of offense, very much like the style that used to be here when Coach Walsh was here, but in a different mindset. I want to know that I have the ability to run the ball. I want to have the ability to know that I can impose my will on the defense. I want to know that in the fourth quarter, I can run the football. I want to know that when they put eight people in the box, I can still run the football if I want to.

I don’t want to make it seem like I am a 3-yards and a cloud of dust kind of a guy because I am not. I am very much into innovation, motioning people around, I’m very much into that. But when everything settles, and we need to control the football, I need to know that I can run the football and I’m not trying to do anything fancy at that time.

Look around the league today, those teams that are successful year in and year out are those teams that when it really gets right down to it, they’re saying, ‘you know what, it’s been nice playing you, but right now we are going to take the game over and we are going to run the football. To me those are the teams that will be successful year in and year out and not go out of style.”

-Mike Singletary Dec 31, 2008

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