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what would you do as a fan if jed kept singletary beyond this year

Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
I would probably stop caring as much about football, maybe even stop watching it.
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There is a real possibility of this happening. Most WZers are not realistic about this. If we win 2 or 3 of the last 4 they will talk about new found hope and change and a better future. "We are going in the right direction." Face it they gave Dingleberry 4 years and $10 Million. There is 2 years left right. That's $5 Million of dead money. YORKIES don't want to eat that. They aren't Jerry Jones you know. He doesn't care. He will eat what he has to in order to right the ship. But the YORKIES will be looking for a way out of that $5 Million of dead money payment. They want no part of that.

i hope youre wrong

I really think it's possible.

I just don't see it happening, I really don't. Maybe it's blind faith but I feel like everyone was riding the high tide when Singletary took over. Everyone was sold (at least in the organization) and nobody really understood how AWFUL Singletary was at coaching.

I truly believe that Jed will learn from his mistakes. He's a rookie owner, and he has f**ked his first decision up and won't do it as quickly and badly as before. I will lose all faith and eat crow if Singletary stays on. Baleeeed that.

Oh and if Singletary stays on I will f**king kill something. Stomp on some ants. Torture a worm. Real f**ked up s**t.

blind faith got me once with singletary im not falling for that one again. when the yorks fired marriucci(sp) i chalked it up to them wanting to put their own stamp on the team even though at the time it still was a huge mistake. all this time later they still cant get it right. this is a very general statement but it it sums up my feelings about ownership and their responsibility to the fans. your only Fing job is and always has been is to find a REAL GM SIGN SOME REALLY BIG CHECKS and get the F out the way
3 coaches 8 years of rebuilding the only thing the yorks have produced is canned ish. every sunday i sit down and eat my can drunk or sober chunky or soupy but its still ish produced by the yorks. so i really hope youre wrong.

dont go on to much of a rampage there chico

Haha, I completely agree with the bolded part.

However, your example is of John York, not Jed. I still have high hopes for the young owner -- I just think he dicked up his first big decision. I don't think John is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

But, like I said, I will eat crow if and when he proves me wrong. I just have blind faith that one day this team will be relevant again. If he shatters my dreams, tiny animals beware.

hope you're right and i'm wrong i really do

blind faith can kick rocks
I can't answer that question until I watch some more film ...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.
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What scares me is that Jed can continue to do a sh*tty job and there's no way he'd get fired or demoted.
If Jed York was as passionate as some say and had realized he'd made a mistake, he would have corrected it by now, plain and simple. The sad truth is that JedY doesn't listen to anyone but his accountant. The rumors that he actually cares about football have been greatly exagerated.
And if Singletary comes back next year? I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing the second half of this year, which is something else besides watch games.
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Think I'd move back home to Philly and root for the Eagles like the rest of my family, lol, maybe not

It wont happen, He's toast, and there are too many good coaches available not to upgrade

Eddie D' is in Jeds ear, and he has strong opinions about what the Niners should do
He vaules that GM position almost as much as he does the Head Coach

The week of Jan 3rd to the 10th should be pretty exciting around here

Early Prediction- Gruden goes to the Browns, Harbaugh to Panthers, Billick to Niners
Originally posted by a24hrdad:
slip into severe depression

the worst kind
Look forward to more injuries, bad O and losses. Wait for the players to finally revolt during a nutcracker drill as more injuries pile up (now that's football...screams a frothing Big Mike).
Unless we won a playoff game against a good team, I would be MOST upset, and would probably boycott next year.
Stop watching.

Originally posted by NinerNation:
i would just live with it what else is everyone thinking

Harsh question, and for me that all depends on our offense. We cannot win as a defensive team, and need to implement another offense for the long term like the WCO. I dont want to let go of Sing, but if we can get Gruden I wouldn't think twice.(Especially since Im a A.Smith supporter and like Grudens analysis and support of his #1 draft pick status)

If we do keep Sing, we need an OC that will be here more than 2 years if hes successful and I dont see that happening. I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say all I want to see today is a Productive, Consistent, and Threatening offense rather than this 85 bears.

One question tho, How is Urban Meyer as an Offensive Corodinator?
"One question tho, How is Urban Meyer as an Offensive Corodinator?"

Love this question!
I think we should fire him now and get an interim coach. I can't even look at that fool on the sidelines anymore. The decisions he makes are just absolutely stupid. It makes me want to vomit. Dumbest coach in the league and it's not close.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
I would probably stop caring as much about football, maybe even stop watching it.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
I would probably stop caring as much about football, maybe even stop watching it.

I agree. It'd be like when Erickson was the HC. The Niners were dead to me then.
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