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L. Bently says Singletary judged different cause he's black!

This is crazy, when you have a team that is supposed to win and you don't win, I don't think race is a factor anymore. This is about success & failure!
he would not be saying that if he played here this year.
it always has to be racial
is this a joke?
Maybe if he were white, it would be easier to fire him? Because he's black, the team might be scared of the backlash of firing a black coach?
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It's a 2 month old article. I'm sure his opinion has changes.
Nope. We treat all overmatched blowhards equally.
its because he sucks as a coach
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Yah, this is true.

Right now I think he sucks and he is black, if he were white, I would think he sucks and he was white.
hahha, this kind of stuff makes that crap seem really stupid.

lol wut?
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plus, he has no work ethic
Both of those guys embarassed themselves.

And Bently saying that league doesn't want ex-players as coaches is even more absurd.

If race was a factor, he would've never got promoted/hired in the first place.

Originally posted by glorydayz:

This is crazy, when you have a team that is supposed to win and you don't win, I don't think race is a factor anymore. This is about success & failure!

for anyone to step out and say race is still a major issue is funny to me. sports were the first area in which races were all treated equally. when black players came into baseball, football, basketball, etc and they helped teams win, even back in the day when racism was very common, people put aside their hate because of a common goal. their team was winning, and all the sudden race didnt really matter.

i hate when people single out sports, and question "why is there only 1 black OL coach in the NFL?" maybe because hes the only black guy whos an NFL caliber OL coach? if that dude can tell me which of the 31 other white OL coaches dont deserve their jobs, and which black OL coaches would be better, then fine. otherwise hes just pulling the race card for no reason.

Sports in general today is one of the most accepting cultures in America. Owners have all realized, even if they are racist, that winning matters most. if the black guy is the best for the job, he gets the job. race affecting who gets what job probably comes into play every now and then. maybe its a close comparison, and a team picks the white guy. it probably happens every so often, but what about the black guys in charge of things who pick the black player/coach because they want to even things out? you cant tell me black coaches, GM's dont pick black players over white ones, and use the excuse that theyre giving black guys a chance.

the player/personnel guy in Jacksonville was black, and he had all black QB's on the roster the whole time he was with the team. its the same thing as what is complained about the other way around.

in 2010, when nearly half this country would support gay marriage, anybody who comes out and starts saying race is the reason why they did or didnt get a job in pro sports just wants attention. if youre good enough in sports, you get the job. black, white, green, etc.
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