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Vernon Davis joins "LaVar and Dukes"

tune into 106.7 the fan as Vernon joins LaVar Arrington and Chad dukes

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Why don't you look back at the QB right away on hot reads?

Or you could go with the original, "How frustrating has this season been for you coming in expecting to win the division, starting out at 0-5 and now being practically 2 games back from winning the division? I say 2 games because SEA and STL should win this week and it's going to be tough to go into GB for you guys and win.
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Ask him how often does he fap to this :

does he think Sing will be back next year?

Is he tired of this so called smash mouth football, since he is the best player on the offence that happens to be a pass catching TE
Originally posted by TheGame9850:
I work for 106.7 The Fan (washington DC) i intern for the"Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes" and vernon is coming on our show today, but since the hosts cant talk to him because we have another guest booked, i will interview vernon in another studio and will put it online..

ANY SERIOUS questions the zoners want me to ask?

This the same radio station with the dude flipping out after redskins got crushed by the eagles?

Tell him I haven't lost faith, and to shut down that clown Matthews
I'd like you to ask him if there is a reason that the "Vernon Davis TD play" isn't being used as much, this year. Pretty much Vernon up the seam was the money play last year, yet we rarely see it this year. Are the defenses just shutting it down, or the play calling isn't dialing it up, or maybe the new QB doesn't look for it?

That, and I was wondering why the TD pass to Vernon in the corner on Monday night was so off. He was basically wide open to catch even a decent pass, but the ball sailed out of bounds. Is it something they work on in practice, or maybe it was just a play that was off?
Ask him if he or any of his teammates and coaches ever seek out advice from the great 49ers that brought the organization so much glory for two decades?

Ask him if he has ever spoken to Brent Jones, and asked for a tip or two?

Ask him if anyone has ever bothered inviting Jerry Rice to practice to share his secrets on how to strengthen your hands to become a great catcher of the football?

Simple things that boggle my mind. The 49ers have incredible resources at their disposal to teach and mentor our young talent, and I don't think they've capitalized on the opportunity.
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I live in the DC area and listen to 106.7 The Fan all the time. Look forward to hearing your interview with Vernon.
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Ask him how often does he fap to this :

ask him if he would mind playing RT for us?
Originally posted by m04607:
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Ask him how often does he fap to this :

Damn son...
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ask vernon how many different routes he runs during a game where he expects to get the ball?

ask him if the offensive coordinator is using him enough in the game plan?

ask him why the 49ers don't pass more?
Ask him why he was crying during the pregame Monday Night.

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Ask him what the difference between alex and troy is
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