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Caption this: Crabtree, Smith and Hill

Crabtree "I can't wait until you f**kers are off the team so I can get a decent pass thrown to me."
Originally posted by HessianDud:

Sing yells "Hey guys we just traded for David Carr"

Alex-what the f**k did you just say
Hill-We traded Alex for David, lol i guess i got this starting job in the bag
Crabtree- you've got to be kidding me
Shaun Hill: "Miss me yet?"

I do...
Originally posted by HessianDud:

And now its time for another episode of "The Holdout and the Hand-Holders."

Hill: "You were right, coach, his hands ARE tiny! It's like I'm holding the paw of a baby monkey."

Smith: "You know I hate looking over my shoulder at you Shaun."

Crabtree: "Mmm...those asses...Gotta try and cover up my boner."
Alex: "If this homo tries to hold my hand one more time, I'm knockin his ass out"
Crabtree: "Damn I guess it's true what they say about San Fran"
Hill: "Oooooh lookie Alex... those are the curtains I picked for us"

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Smith: I suck
Hill: I suck
Crabs: f**k these f**gots
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Raye (from off camera): "Alex! You stay after practice and throw to Crabtree! That yahoo is looking worse than his rookie year!"

Crabtree: [pouting] "But my neck still hurts... really... I swear..."

Alex: "WTF? Isn't that what the jugs machine is for? Why me?"

Shaun: [laughs] "Obviously Raye thinks you need the practice, too. Can't believe they're starting you over me. Looks like it won't last long now, sucka."

Singletary (from off camera): "Shaun, turn in your playbook! We just traded your noodle arm to the Lions!"

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