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Poll - Did You Want The Niners To Lose? Man Up!

Poll - Did You Want The Niners To Lose? Man Up!

hell no would I ever want to be beat by the fvckin cardz
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I wanted us to win. If we make it to the playoffs we will have earned It. It may not be pretty but you have to roll with it. Nothing is promised next year. We have players in their prime. I will always root to win. The coaching situation will take care of itself.
To be honest, I kind of wanted us to loose, because I was being selfish in wanting a shot at Cam Newton in the draft, but on the same token I wanted Troy Smith to play well so he could keep the starting job into next season.
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I was 50/50, but as the game went on and it was apparent the Cards were a piece of s**t, I accepted the win.
I always want the Niners to win, but I felt that if they lose
and continue to lose, thier chances of getting one of the
premier QB's coming out of college increase.

I think win or lose Singletary is gone...........
Originally posted by kemp_j:
I always want the Niners to win, but I felt that if they lose
and continue to lose, thier chances of getting one of the
premier QB's coming out of college increase.

I think win or lose Singletary is gone...........

Definitely, Singletary is gone at the end of the season.
Its weird. I don't want them to win 6 days a week. I don't want there to be any confusion that this is the worst coaching staff in football and needs to be blown up ASAP. But on gameday, Its just hard to route against the Niners. Ive been a fan for too long and just cant do it. I want them to win on gameday. I want them to show up! I guess what I really want is for the Niners to win the Superbowl and then blow up the coaching staff and draft a QB. I know that sounds pretty inconsistent, but given how this season has gone, maybe that's par for the course.
True fan? Wow. Really?

The great thing about America is that we are all entitled to opinions. I've been a 49er fan since 1987. I haven't gone anywhere during the bad years and I don't plan on it either.

I didn't want Singletary to be our coach when the team performed well during his interim days and he's done nothing to change my mind on the matter. I hoped he would do well, but I thought realistically he wouldn't in the grand scheme of things. I also wanted Alex Smith to do well, but he failed to live up to expectations as well.

Sometimes when you change jobs, you have to take a pay cut in order to gain valuable skills in order to garner greater promotions in the long run. What I'm saying by this is that I feel the 49ers would be a better ball club in the long run with Andrew Luck. Mind you, it's just my opinion and it could be wrong. No one is perfect at pinpointing these things, not even the "experts". I believe that Luck is going to be a superstar and the thought of facing Bradford and Luck twice a year doesn't sit well with me, especially when he could be playing for this team.

That being said I couldn't ask the 49ers to tank. You can't do that. Fifty-three men are playing for their very livelihoods. They want to keep their jobs and succeed. As a fan do I want them to lose? Well, I did, but the chances of landing Luck now are pretty slim. I wasn't hoping they would lose, because I want them to be bad. I wanted it because I felt they'd be better in the long run. I want my team to be a consistent winner. Which would you rather have, a string of meaningless victories in 2010 or a decade plus of winning?

At the end of the day we both want what's best for our team. We just had two different views on how to get there.
I want to see another HC and if losing facilitates the process I'm for it. However, when game time comes around I want them to win.

honestly stunned that 35% want them to lose.

fake ass fans

please stop infecting niner nation with LOSER/NEGATIVE/UNMANLY/NONSENSICAL thoughts

the players want to win, or at the very least, each individual player wants to play at a high level. By you wanting to lose, you effectively root against our players. some fans you are.

acting as if getting a high draft pick is perfect science for NFL franchise building . I'd really enjoy hearing someone convince me that losing the rest of our games would be better in the long run than winning the rest of them (and thus probably being in the playoffs, given the standings, regardless if you feel we "deserve" to).

what KIND of person wants to lose? srsly, wtf? Any man with any competitive fire will CRAVE VICTORY, almost instinctively, with a passion uknown to logic--and there isnt even any logic to losing. we're ONE GAME OUT. & even if we were 0-11 right now, i'd want us to win every damn game left. no real fan wants the first pick, or anywhere near it. it means you SUCK. Our team doesnt suck. In all probability Sing will be let go, barring a deep, and unlikely, playoff run. Till then, support your f'n team. Do not let your negativity--specifically, you're disdain for Singletary--blind you to the fact that teams picking in the top 5 tend to remain bottom-dwellers the following year. V Davis shed tears because winning is so important to him, its no wonder why he's elite. Believe it or not, you get better at things with practice--winning or losing...hmmm

I hope the 'just lose' camp is not repping any active players jerseys, since you want them to lose. Go ahead and boast about how much you love the Niners, just not the 49ers as we know them now. When you love someone/something unconditionally, you always want success for them. But you ppl seem to be more in love with Andrew Luck, or have your love for the niners blinded by your hatred for Singletary.

& pls stop with the whole "i've been a niner fan since 1960 yada yada" speech, it honestly sounds like John McCain. ask yourself who you are NOW. I know a lot of are just saying this, its hard to imagine come game day, when the games on, that you hope the next play is bad for the niners. i know humans are different, but that is pretty inconceivable for me & ppl I know who watch sports. `No logic can turn a loser in a winner, or a fear based mentality into one based on love. I genuinely hope those of you in the "just lose" camp experience an awakening someday soon. This world has enough problems, we can do without fans rooting against their team because of a dubious expectation that it would be better in the long run for them to lose. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FUTURE THE ONLY THING THAT EXISTS IS THIS VERY MOMENT--STOP DELUDING YOURSELF WITH A FANTASTICAL FORMULA FOR WINNING (YA RIGHT) TOTALLY VOID OF SCIENTIFIC CERTAINTY OR HISTORIC DEMONSTRATION.

i love the niners so i take it personally

fake ass fans

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Are you guys serious. I'll never hope we lose, no matter whose qb'n or coachin... True HOMER......... Some of you let hate steer you.... HATERS!!!!!!! s**t is not over.... I believe we could catch fire and win the SB and some would still be mad we did it with Singletary..........
I think it'd be better in the long run if they lost, but I always end up rooting for them when the game starts. I can't ever root for this team to lose.
Originally posted by fly15:
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
i dont want to make the playoffs this year

we dont deserve to and unnecisarrily get a 20th pick when we need a top 10 for a CB or a pass rusher

win...!! who cares about the draft if we still have a chance....!!

It's gonna be more embarrassing to the team that wins the division, then the 3 that lose it. I want no part of that.
As the poll currently stands, 35% of you people are a joke. Don't watch the team anymore, don't call yourselves 49ers fans.

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