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Poll - Did You Want The Niners To Lose? Man Up!

Poll - Did You Want The Niners To Lose? Man Up!

Originally posted by ninertico:
Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Originally posted by ninertico:
And another thing...

Even if we lose out now, there is no way we would still get to Luck with only 4 wins so just forget about it.

Take a look at Carolina's, Detroit's, Cincy's and Buffalo's schedule for the next five weeks. Yea, good luck with that!

IMO, I believe that it will come down like this:


Those five will be before us no matter what and look, AZ is looking for a QB too. Oops they're in front of us so not even Mallett is an option for they will reach for him instead of Locker or Newton, IMO.

Therefore, please put the Luck sweepstakes ticket in the garbage because there is no way we will have a shot.

So start cheering for your team again!
Dude, I don't care about Luck!!!!!!!! I only care about getting rid of Sing and then hiring real football people with a history of winning!!!!!

It's not about the draft! It's about the leadership. Imagine if we had a real coach? Do you think we would suck this bad with a Holmgren, Gruden, or Shanahan?

WTH does that have to do with the tea in China? You're losing the point.

You not a true fan if you want this team to lose period...IMHO.

No, YOU are the one who got off point completely from the thread's subject.

The team needed a brief glimpse of winning...because they'll face three very tough road games in GB, SD and St. L. They'll be doing good to win the two remaining home games, which would be a 6-10 record. Based on what Eddie D said about nephew Jed York making some tough decisions after the season and not looking back, I'm fairly optimistic we'll see the needed changes.
If one more win, maybe two keeps BM(bigmike) or bowel movement mike, if you wish, here, then i want us to forfeit last game and tank all the rest so that overgrown hunk of burning bad coach never darkens our locker room again. Worse than erickson, worse than little mkeynoln, worse than any coach i have ever seen.

what i really hope? is that his lame azz replacement doesn't masquerade as another BM. And yes, if we have to lose on out to schidt can BM, then so be it. He is insufferably bad. In really depressing moments i have this chill go down my spine that somewhere, somehow, the 9ers are going to come up with yet another lame. Hiring a HOFO like parcells, or stealing Loomis, or Pioli or several others would be the answer to our problems. Because that is reasonable and rational , i don't expect the yorks to do it.
Why do we keep arguing this lol? Obviously a large percentage wants to lose. Don't bother calling us frontrunners, since we haven't been in the front in over a decade. Some people see the bigger picture, some see the smaller. It should just be left at that.
Have we gotten any changed minds?
Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Have we gotten any changed minds?

Nope, I would still prefer the 49ers to win.
Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Have we gotten any changed minds?

Negative! Still want them to win! I can't justify watching a game and rooting for a team to make big plays, score TDs, or embarass the team I have grown up watching!

To each their own, I suppose...
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