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49ers are 10pt Underdogs at Green Bay
Sounds about right to me.
Is that all?
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"we will win this game"
I can't believe this, we just beat the Broncos, Rams and the Cards. What don't the oddsmakers in Vegas see? We have a true leader at qb now in Troy and are going to the playoffs.
Not a real shock
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Sounds right.

Though, this game hardly matters. It's very likely if we simply win our remaining division games, we'll be in the playoffs. At 7-9.
Originally posted by fly15:
"we will win this game"

"We will not allow Aaron Rodgers to throw for 300 yards, he WILL throw for 500."
Originally posted by MntIdaGold:
Not a real shock

this is racist

Originally posted by MntIdaGold:
Not a real shock
vegas fix is in, the niners will cover
We have been pretty good against the spread in the past couple of years.
I'd take GB in this one with the points.
I always get pumped up just a little more than usual for three matchups...

Niners / Cowboys
Niners / Giants
and Niners / Packers

let's get it ON!
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