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Embrace the chaos, Niner fans.

There has been a lot of negative emotion in Niner nation -- even my father has sworn off watching anymore games, but I can't wait to see what happens! What the hell, there are eight games left and I'd like to see some s**t go down before it's all over. Maybe Singletary will throw himself out of a game! Bring it! Bring it all!
I have to admit this bye-week was timely and brings new hope by spiltting the season in half.

Plus with the Troy Smith hype, there's definitely reason to watch.
the most convenient bye week of all time i think. Giants won the world series and the giants didnt play so the giants took everyones thoughts completely away from the niners troubles, the niners won the week before and every team in the division lost this week. its gonna be an interesting rest of the year. GO NINERS!!!!!!

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