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who else has that gut feeling...

that Nate Davis is going to be our future? I was watching videos of him from the past couple of seasons and even though he gets no reps in practice, he looks so polished in terms of footwork. He is poised in the pocket and can feel pressure like a sixth sense. I really hope Troy does well Sunday because if he does not we are stuck with Alex Smith Right now, I wish the niners would put their efforts into figuring out what Davis and T. Smith have to offer. Discuss........
You are suffering from indigestion. I recommend two Tums.
I don't know about all that but I do think that it could be a BIG mistake to not put him on the field and see what he's got.
Not shore about gut feeling but at this point it would be nice to see what the guy can do in live action. I seem to recall Donovan saying he really liked Nate Davis. Maybe he sees something.
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