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What if Alex Smith was drafted by Andy Reid?

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Originally posted by JeuSF49:
Originally posted by Joecool:
No way would Smith have thesame career as Rodgers if Smith went to GB. Here are some very important reasons why:
1. Mentality: Smith was drafted because he was a yes man with a step aside personality. We did not draft Rodgers because he displayed a little more resistance. This directly points to how one carries out the plays as designed opposed to the other. This directly points to Smih never deviated from the play or improvising which we HAVE seen Rodgers do.

2. Situation: It was more difficult for Rodgers than you think. Farce was not open and volunteer his knowledge unless Rodgers came to him. This was reported. Alex had everyone willing to help him. Rodgers overcame a difficult situation where Farve refuse to let him have any chance whereas Smith was coddled into being prodded every chance. Rodgers also had two different OCs in two years but that didn't mess his mentality for the game up.

To say a player who showed a passive personality who performs everything to the script would play the same as a player who didn't display this personality when drafted is ridiculous. This is the reason why we see Rodgers make some crazy tight throws and Smih pass them up.

Now factor in other physical attributes that have nothing to do with experience and Smith fails.

It was considered that Smith ceiling was higher than Rodgers. ( see Jamarcus Russel vs. Brady Quinn)
Also Smith was considered to be be less cocky, more willing to do what he was told, in essence a coaches dream.

The famous Urban Meyer quote is true, the other part is that Alex needs a very creative offensive mind to guide him without interfernce form anybody. The only time he has such a thing was under Norv Turner.

he also was thorwn under the bus when he failed to grasp a diamterically different offence than he was used to ( Nolan´s quate that Smith has small hands).

nobody knows waht would have happend if Norv stayed or if cam Cameron was brought in.

He ws productive last year when we used more of a spread attack something he is good in.
When he is in the gun and the WR are spread out he plays good football.

Unfotunaltely the system that Singletray wnmats is totaly differne everything is tight inside runs, and routes that need time do develop.

I could see Alex being picket up by the colts at years end to be Peytons backup, their system is probably the closest thing to Urban Meyer´s spred, he also would be an immediate upgrade at the backup QB position.

I do belive that under Reid he would have a better chance of beeing a better Qb. He would not have been thrown under the bus, also he would not have to endure all those sacks and having no one to throw to.

Re: the bolded above, it was also very well accepted in NFL circles during the '99 draft that Ryan Leaf had more upside than Payton Manning.
What if Alex Smith was drafted by Andy Reid?


He'd suck. He sucks now. He would suck under anyone else.

He just sucks. Period. End of story. Case closed.
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Originally posted by ZRF80:
Originally posted by dj43:
Originally posted by Shaj:
Originally posted by ZRF80:
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Originally posted by Shaj:
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Rodgers= exactly how you develop a QB and help your franchise.

Smith= exactly how you fvck up a QB and set back your franchise.

The answer to the OPs question lies in Green Bay. Rodgers went through the exact opposite of what Smith went through and the results show. Obviously Rodgers was more pro ready so it's not a total apples to apples comparison but it's safe to assume Alex would be FAR better off had him and Rodgers switched places.

You have a fallacy in your logic. You are assuming that because Rodgers was groomed behind a future HOF and with staffing/system continuity, that he was therefore successful - when you cannot prove that he would not have been very successful coming straight out of the chute like Ryan, Roethlisberger, Flacco, and many others.

Smith would have laid eggs no matter the circumstances. He doesn't have leadership, instinct, or accuracy. Every one of those in and of themselves is a fatal flaw for a QB. Smith has managed to fail at all three. You could put him behind Montana for 5 years and still not see better results. Most notable is that leadership and instinct cannot be taught, and accuracy is damn hard to coach in someone who just doesn't have it.

I see this a lot in my psych wards. Its called denial........when you dont have answers, you just laugh it off.........

He's right. I think you guys overrate what Favre's tutelage did for Rodgers. If anything, what did Alex do the 2 years he sat on the bench and had an opportunity to learn from others ? Pretty much nothing....

wow, that is an incredible "counter-point" that I never thought. LOL, that dismisses every argument people have regarding Rodgers having the advantage for getting to ride the pine for 2 years and just observe. For that matter, Smith got to ride the pine with more real insight to NFL Quarterbacking than Rodgers did, giving Smith the advantage.
WOW! You are just wrong, my friend. At NO TIME that Smith has been on the 49ers has he had ANYTHING even close to the quality of coaching that Rodgers has had the entire time he has been at GB. The best thing he had was Trent Dilfer, a guy who wasn't good enough at it to even get a sniff from any other team. He can't get a coaching job from anyone, even now.

Time spent on the bench is of no value unless there is coaching available that can actually teach.

You're trying to compare Trent Dilfer and Brett Favre the PLAYERS. What we should really look at is Trent Dilfer and Brett Favre the MENTORS. In that respect, Dilfer probably had a lot more to offer to Smith than Favre did to Rodgers. Remember, Favre has always been a selfish in that he looks out for himself above all others. Thats why he's always willing to keep teams hanging til the final moments until he announces his return.

Alex Smith, despite not watching a HOF.........still has the chance to learn from a Superbowl Champion quarterback. No one says he had to learn the offensive system, but that was the time to learn the intricacies of the position eg reading defenses, pocket presence, instinct, anticipation.

He didnt.
You are one stubborn, single-minded guy.

Favre did help tutor Rodgers in the first two years but after that not so much.


Smith had nothing like that EVER in SF. He had one year of Norv Turner who spent most of his time working on the overall offense. No one was working with Smith on his fundamentals. Smith commented during the off-season that Mike Johnson was the first guy that had ever worked with him on fundamentals the entire time he was in SF.

If you honestly think the Smith situation in SF was at all comparable to the GB situation for Rodgers, then all our discussion is over. We have no comparable frame of reference whatsoever.

But it doesn't matter. Smith won't be here next year under any circumstances so you will get your wish, and if the 49ers have decent QB play next year, so will I.
He would have had a better career bc Reid is a offensive guru especially in the passing game
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Smith's fatal flaws of lacking accuracy, leadership, and instinct are things that can't be learned behind any QB for any length of time. I don't understand how anyone can even begin to argue otherwise. Reminds me of the expression "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."
look at Mcnabb without Reid. Reid is a QB master.
he wouldn't be skinny
they would fondle each other
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