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Who would you rather see start @ QB?

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What happens if Troy Smith plays well this Sunday. Does the team make Alex Smith the starter again when he's healthy? Or do they let Troy finish up the season as long as he plays atleast as well as Alex usually plays?

I say leave Troy in.
oolcay orystay obray.
Ask the new coach after the bye week.

(i feel like alex will be starter again, the team will want to see moar from him to see if they want to go with 0 QB depth, going into the draft.)
This should be Troy's show regardless of the outcomes during Alex's rehab. I think the writing's on the wall that we're not moving forward with Alex beyond this year (whether we let him walk or he leaves on his own accord). I can't imagine a scenario where he stays, although a franchise tender would be just bizarre enough to be typical of our bush league owners; man I would laugh before I hung myself. I don't see what the point of playing him would be, especially if we're winning with the other guy. The fans hate him anyway; just let the wound heal already I say...

Merciful ending to an absolutely abysmal career in Frisco. I wish him good luck on his next team.
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
Ask the new coach after the bye week.

(i feel like alex will be starter again, the team will want to see moar from him to see if they want to go with 0 QB depth, going into the draft.)

Aint gonna happen. Poppa Dicktor York says he is staying with Sing till the bitter end. See Jed Boy really doesn't have squat to say, he's just a face and proselytizer for daddy.. We gonna win the pennant, err Division, err, maybe another game..
if Troy plays well he will prob get the start to see what we have with him at QB
Unless troy smith lights it up big time and gives us our first 40+ point game in 105 straight games (and counting).. I'd keep alex cause he know the system better. Plus all that the 49ers have put him through..he deserves at least to be able to finish the season.

i'm hoping that troy lights it up
I get that T. Smith been on the team for a short period of time, but how much more is there to lose?

I hate to jump ahead, but it sounds like we will be even more predictable this week on offense.
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First play will be an 82 yard touchdown pass Troy to Crabs but it'll get called back on a Staley holding penalty
Prepare for another exciting offensive game from the 49ers.

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27-9, Broncos.
Gore up the middle.
Instead of 60% Gore will see 85% and fall down an pass-out at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

How much more simple can they make this damn stupid "play book" any way? It's already so simple most people cane call the play in front of their TV!!

I really hate this ownership, because they still can't see bigger changes must be made and saying that Sing will go the distance this season is... I HATE THEM.

They took this team from Eddie and turned it into pure buffoonery..

Wait, whatever we do, let's not let play makers make plays, hey, they might make a mistake!

I will refrain from saying anything about the couching, we all know what it is.

I'm betting A. Smith doesn't see the field again this year. These people do NOTHING out front it's all like some 4th grade secrete no one can know..

Right; the laughing stock of the NFL. So kwee!
Gore off right tackle, no gain, Gore up the gut two yards, short pass to Gore in the right flat.......incomplete. Look at the tape coach and tell us swhat happened.
Originally posted by TheChozen:
Gore up the middle.

You are a mystic, aren't you?! Anyone want to take us up on a 10 buck bet, this will be the play? Niners are clowning the league. Little does the league know we will be division winners and go to the NFC finals..

But looking forward, and after taking a look at the just don't seem dad-gum likely..

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